Learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about building a luxury home with new video series, ‘Building Charlotte’


This post is brought to you in partnership with ‘Building Charlotte.’ All opinions are our own.

With help from a legion of sponsors like Delta, Draper and The Building Center, companies Spiracle Media and Pike Properties have teamed up to produce a detailed look into the process of building a 6,000 square foot house in Cotswold.

Called ‘Building Charlotte,’ the web series started on September 4th and will feature seven episodes in total. With each video lasting between four and seven minutes, viewers get a thorough look at the whole process in easy to consume bites.

“’Building Charlotte’ is a soup to nuts look at the process of building a Pike Property house,” says Jarod Latch, Co-Founder and Director of Creative Content at Spiracle Media. “We like to say it’s HGTV mixed with a dose of reality to what actually goes into building a home here. We’ve always been fans of seeing finished products, but getting a real look at what it takes to build a home from scratch pulls back the curtain like never before.”

The perfect match

The partnership of Spiracle Media and Pike Properties was almost inevitable. Pike Properties Co-Founder Anthony Moore said “In our opinion, the future of media is already here and it’s on the web. Print, TV and radio don’t seem to have the lasting ability that a web series can have. It’s also a very unique way to showcase the process of building and the unknowns that go along with it. Sharing what we do on a daily basis on a global platform is really exciting for us.”

As for Spiracle Media, the feeling is mutual. Co-Founder Tim Baier said that “when you walk into a Pike Property, you immediately feel like it could be your home. The attention to detail and the creative use of space really sets these guys apart from other builders in the market. When we met Matt and Anthony, we knew telling their story would be so valuable for the Charlotte market. They’re two entrepreneurs that have ground it out to make a reputable company that is changing the communities they work in.”

The nitty-gritty

‘Building Charlotte’ releases new episodes every other Tuesday on their YouTube page, with episode three slated for October 2. There are also podcast episodes that discuss the series. By the end of the project, viewers will have seen everything from acquisition through the finish, including all the good, bad, and unknowns that come with building a luxury home.

The companies hope that this look into Pike Properties‘ process will show the community the love that goes into building every house. “We put more into a house because I don’t like stamping out something that’s the same every time,” says Matt Connolly, Co-Founder of Pike Properties and the show’s co-host. “It’s a nice feeling to think about the impact we make on the community by doing something that we love.”

Want to learn more about the ‘Building Charlotte’ project? Click here for more information.


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