15 Charlotte breakfasts and brunches to cure your next hangover

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Ask 20 people how to cure a hangover, and you might receive 20 different responses.

However, eating a hearty breakfast is one of the most popular remedies for a hangover. Some go for hair of the dog and greasy food, while others sweat it out after some slightly lighter fare.

Making your first meal of the day a good one may help repair blood sugar levels. This could potentially alleviate some of your hangover symptoms.

While countless nutritionists say hitting the grease is not doing your hangover any favors, most people who have combatted a few hangovers in their time have come up with their own go-to foods and tactics they swear by.

Go with your own preferences at these establishments in Charlotte. Whatever you choose to eat, rehydration is key to feeling better. Add lemon if you have trouble drinking water by itself or try coconut water, Pedialyte, Gatorade or any other beverages with electrolytes.

Start to replenish your blood sugar by eating any food containing carbs. Optimally, balance those carbs out with some protein or healthy fats. Don’t forget your coffee either. You will get your normal dose of caffeine and optimistically your headache will not worsen.

Whether you want your post-night-out food as greasy as possible or a little on the cleaner side, one of these breakfasts in Charlotte hopefully helps you kill that hangover.


127 N Tryon St. #8

When to go: Saturday and Sunday
What to order: Brioche French Toast
What’s in it: Local apple compote, whipped butter, powdered sugar and chai maple syrup
Price: $14
Tip: Avocado toast ($8) is perfect if you want to start your day off with something smaller, or maybe the drinking portion of brunch is your focus. 5Church offers a mimosa flight ($15), which allows you to enjoy four flavors of bubbly mimosas with your meal.

Café Monte

6700 Fairview Road


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When to go: 7 days a week
What to order: Croque Madame
What’s in it: Ham and cheese sandwich, gruyère cheese, béchamel sauce and a fried egg served with a side of pommes frites.
Price: $14
Tip: If you don’t love eggs, order the Croque Monsieur ($12), which is the Croque Madame without the egg. Their Benedict Monte ($15) is a great order too. It is a croissant with smoked ham, two eggs, tomato, asparagus and hollandaise.

Earl’s Grocery

1609 Elizabeth Ave.

When to go: Breakfast is offered weekday mornings and brunch is offered Saturday and Sunday.
What to order: Grit Bowl
What’s in it: Geechie Boy Mill Grits topped with cheddar cheese and green tomato relish.
Price: $5.99 ($1.49/add a farm egg, $1.00/add bacon crumbles)
Tip: While you’re there, take advantage of the coffee bar and bakery, great daily specials, prepared foods and grab-and-go items throughout the store.

Eddie’s Place

617 S. Sharon Amity Road


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When to go: 7 days a week
What to order: The Country Fried Breakfast
What’s in it: Country fried breast of chicken, open-faced grilled biscuit and sausage gravy served with two eggs cooked your way.
Price: $10.75
Tip: If you are not into gravy, or the Country Fried Breakfast is reading as slightly aggressive mid-hangover, order up the Two Eggs Your Way ($6.95). It is a classic breakfast with eggs, your choice of meat, side and bread.


3106 N. Davidson St.


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When to go: Brunch and dinner are served Tuesday through Friday. The dinner menu is offered Saturday and Sunday.
What to order: Chicken and Waffle (available Tuesday-Sunday)
What’s in it: Waffle, deboned fried chicken thigh, slaw, bread and butter pickles and honey butter syrup or maple syrup.
Price: $10
Tip: During weekday brunch, also order the Cinnamon Roll ($4) to share. It is fresh baked with cinnamon, sugar and served with milk caramel. Over the weekend, split the Biscuits & Bacon Jam ($8). With an expansive drink menu, this is an ideal spot if drinking again is your hangover defeat strategy.


225 S. Poplar St.


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When to go: Saturday and Sunday
What to order: Eggs Benton
What’s in it: Poached eggs, Benton’s shaved country ham, johnnycake, wilted greens, tomato gravy and chives.
Price: $12
Tip: Start with the Cinnamon Doughnut Holes ($6). They are served hot with a bourbon raspberry sauce.

Holler & Dash

2725 South Blvd. A


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When to go: 7 days a week
What to order: Chicken. Set. Go.
What’s in it: Fried chicken, pimento cheese, jalapeño and sorghum served with your choice of side.
Price: $9
Tip: Craving sugar? Order The Jam ($5). It is simple and sweet with Nutella and raspberry jam on a biscuit.


2820 Selwyn Ave. Ste 180

When to go: Tuesday through Sunday
What to order: Hashed
What’s in it: Diced potatoes, onion, bell pepper, corn, ground chicken/chorizo sausage and a sunny-side-up egg.
Price: $13
Tip: Start with an order of the Slab Bacon ($6.50) for the table. It is house-cured, thick-cut Carolina Heritage Farms pork belly.

Owen’s Bagel

2041 South Blvd.


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When to go: Tuesday through Sunday
What to order: Bacon, Egg & Cheese
What’s in it: Your choice of bagel and cheese, bacon and egg.
Price: $5.25 (add avocado for $.75)
Tip: You cannot go wrong with what you select to put on these steamed bagels. The bagels themselves are far more than a vessel for the combination you pick. The steamy goodness is sure to turn your day right around.

Poppy’s Bagels

2921 Providence Road


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When to go: 7 days a week
What to order: Egg, Taylor Ham & Cheese
What’s in it: Egg, Taylor Ham and cheese.
Price: $4.29
Tip: Extra hungry? Add an egg for $.50 or if you are a lox fan, order the Lox and all the Fixins for $6.99.

Rhino Market & Deli

1500 W Morehead St. #E and 420 Church St.


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When to go: 7 days a week
What to order: Breakfast Burrito
What’s in it: Scrambled egg, potato hash, sausage, cheese and salsa
Price: $4.79
Tip: Be sure to check out the local grab-and-go food throughout the store. A baked good, coffee or drink may make the perfect hangover-cure pairing to your breakfast burrito.


101 W. Worthington Ave. #100

When to go: Saturday and Sunday
What to order: Huevos Rancheros
What’s in it: House tortilla, beans, ranchero sauce, two eggs sunny-side-up, avocado and bacon.
Price: $13
Tip: Wash it down with some Sangria ($9) or a Bloody Mary ($9). Replenish with some Topo Chico while you retox ($3). Their Hot Cakes ($8) are definitely worth ordering too.


1100 Metropolitan Ave.

When to go: Saturday and Sunday
What to order: Pane Perdu
What’s in it: French toast with orange mascarpone, berry compote pure maple syrup and your choice of bacon or ham.
Price: $13
Tip: Bloody Marys and mimosas are $2 each until 3:45 p.m. Share an order of the Brussels Sprouts ($8), which have crispy potatoes, bacon and Parmesan cheese. If you are in the mood for something savory, try the Shrimp & Grits ($15). The dish includes Parmesan polenta, Tasso ham, roasted tomato and Parmesan cheese with sautéed shrimp.

Zada Jane’s

1601 Central Ave.

When to go: 7 days a week
What to order: Booker T’s East Side Hasher
What’s in it: Sweet potato hash browns, two eggs frittata style, your choice of local Grateful Growers pork sausage, turkey sausage or soysage, melted cheddar cheese and green onion, with your choice of a biscuit or toast.
Price: $8.95
Tip: If you favor an omelet, build your own ál a carte omelet or order one of their specialty omelets. If you think meat is going to do the trick, their Vegless Avenger ($9.95) is the answer. This meat-lover’s dream comes with applewood smoked bacon, country ham, turkey sausage, chipotle chicken, chorizo, cheddar cheese; your choice of spuds, sweet potato browns, fruit or grits; and toast or a biscuit.


235 W Tremont Ave.

When to go: Sunday
What to order: Down East Shrimp, Stone Cut White Corn Grits
What’s in it: Andouille, shrimp, grits, tomatoes and lightly dressed greens.
Price: $16
Tip: Zeppelin has many toast options as well, such as their Fig and Goat Cheese on Rye ($16). This dish consists of local rye tart, heirloom tomato preserves, chorizo, lemon and greens. For your hair of the dog, try something out of the ordinary. Their Cereal Milk Cocktail ($12) contains nigori sake, gin and toasted coriander syrup.

Good luck!



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