BrewPublik will replace your bad beer with Charlotte beer


You know the story: You throw a party or invite a couple of friends over and, somehow, a six pack of Michelob Ultra gets left in the fridge.

You hate Michelob Ultra, but you don’t want to just throw it away. So what do you do?

Wouldn’t it be great if a magical beer genie could come down and replace that swill with some Triple C Golden Boy?

Well you’re in luck!

Until midnight on Friday, local craft beer delivery startup BrewPublik will trade out that awful, unwanted six pack for some delicious Charlotte beer for free. It’s like magic!

How it works:

-Tweet a photo of that Michelob Ultra (or Bud Light or Milwaukee’s Best Ice or whatever) to @brewpublik with the hashtag #SpringCleanMyBeer.

-Enter your contact information on the company’s website.

-Wait for the beer genie to come on Saturday.

Then this: Bud Light Could become this! IMG_NoDa_Brewing_Coco_Lo_3_1_UN3FI94U_L88953017 Or this:

Could turn into this!

Isn’t the internet awesome?

Photos: AP; Charlotte Observer file photo


Corey Inscoe covers sports for the Charlotte Observer’s community sections, but also really likes good music, good food and Charlotte beer. Follow him on Twitter @CoreyInscoe.


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