Who will win this year’s Brew Dog Series at JJ’s Red Hots?


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Charlotte’s favorite hot dog spot, JJ’s Red Hots, is teaming up with local breweries for its annual Brew Dog Series, featuring exclusive dogs each week that have been created through collaboration.

The partnership allows JJ’s to craft amazing hot dog flavors while backing local breweries. March 29-April 7, all Charlotte craft beer will be only $4 to celebrate Charlotte Craft Beer Week. With North Carolina Craft Beer Month just around the corner, JJ’s Brew Dog Series makes for the perfect lead-in.

As the tradition continues, Jonathan Luther and the team at JJ’s created each signature dog with the unique aspects of each brewery in mind, very often using beer in the creation of toppings and condiments. Each “Dog of the Week” will be paired with one of the respective breweries’ beers.

The winner will be based on sales. The top dog will earn its spot on JJ’s Seasonal Hall of Fame Hot Dog Menu, along with a guaranteed tap for the period of time it’s offered.

The Brew Dog Series 2019, which begins March 11 and continues through the week of April 22, will feature the following weekly dogs:

The week of March 11

Partner: Noda Brewing

The dog: Hop Cakes Battered Corndog

The beer: Hop Cakes Imperial IPA

What’s on it: Beer battered (using hop cakes) and deep-fried corn dog, crumbled bacon and maple syrup drizzle

*Add Sriracha for a kick!

The week of March 18

Partner: Amor Artis

The dog: French Onion Dog

The beer: Colonel Stout

What’s on it: Martin’s potato roll slathered in garlic butter, Sahlen’s smokehouse original hot dog, Colonel Stout sautéed onions with rosemary and thyme, shredded gruyere cheese and bread crumbs

The week of March 25

Partner: Legion Brewing

The dog: Carne Asada Dog

The beer: Juicy Jay

What’s on it: Shaved London broil, Juicy Jay slaw, citra hopped ‘chimichurri’ relish and rocket sauce

The week of April 1

Partner: Triple C Brewing

The dog: The Flat Brim

The beer: Flat Brim Hazy IPA

What’s on it: Sahlen’s smokehouse original hot dog, sriracha cream cheese, Flat Brim orange marmalade, fried jalapenos and rocket sauce

The week of April 8

Partner: Sycamore Brewing

The dog: Fiesta de la Boca

The beer: Sun Grown

What’s on it: Fire roasted green chiles, cotija cheese, beer battered O-rings, cilantro-lime crema and cilantro garnish

The week of April 15

The dog: Doner Dog

Partner: OMB

The beer: Copper

What’s on it: Crumbled merguez sausage, shredded lettuce, tzatziki sauce, cucumber pico de gallo and crumbled feta cheese

The week of April 22

Partner: Lenny Boy Brewing

The dog: The Big Len

The beer: Burn Down Brown Ale

What’s on it: Sahlen’s all beef hot dog, beer braised cabbage, English sharp cheddar and Burn Down Brown mustard  

Want to learn more about JJ’s Red Hots? Click here for more information.


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