What this yoga teacher learned from her mistake with breast implants


Lauren McAbee exudes self-acceptance. Her yoga classes and Instagram feed have one clear and concise message: You are enough. But a few years after giving birth to and nursing two children, her breasts felt deflated, not as perky as they’d once been. McAbee, 37, found herself ignoring that which she’d implored so many other women to embody. She thought: “I deserve to have my boobs back.”

In 2017, McAbee got breast implants.

The procedure itself seemed simple enough — an insertion of Natrelle Inspira breast implants (also known as Gummy Implants) with a recovery time of three to six weeks — and she’d be good as new, or better. She’d seen her procedure as a sort of empowerment, not just for herself but for the many women who follow her lead as she instructs them to shake and pop and love who they see in the mirror.

She was ready to better herself and the breasts she’d grown to hate over the years, allowing herself to fix a problem she’d grown to believe she had, allowing her to perfect what she’d seen as wrong with her body.

But it wasn’t long after the surgery that odd symptoms began occurring. McAbee, who is a plant-based lifestyle advisor and essential oil junkie and can often be found working out or at Living Kitchen taking antidote “shots”, could not understand why she was repeatedly sick. She was undoubtedly living a healthy lifestyle.

“It started with a urinary tract infection, which lead to a bladder infection,” McAbee said. “It grew into bacterial and viral infections, which brought about sweats and fever.”

Though prescribed antibiotics, her symptoms simply would not go away but only worsened with time.

Aligning with her natural lifestyle, she began seeing Dr. Matthew Lyon (Dr. Matt) with Network Wellness. A chiropractor and natural physician, Dr. Matt was working with her to heal her bladder, which, McAbee says “just felt tired.” Through a few twists and turns McAbee calls “almost trippy divine,” she slowly began to understand the root cause of her ailments.

She got a moldivite ring from Dr. Matt for its healing purposes and then McAbee found herself in Prague where the rock originally landed as a meteorite millions of years ago.  Attending a leadership conference, McAbee was paired with a woman from Texas who was an ex-exotic dancer. The dancer shared her story of an 11-year virus.

“She shared that she had gotten breast implants and almost simultaneously got sick. For years there was no diagnosis until later on her boyfriend, who was a doctor, ran some tests and realized it was her implants,” McAbee said. “She got them removed and her symptoms went away.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God. This is my answer.”

When she returned to the states, McAbee scheduled an appointment with her doctor to have her implants removed. After 18 months of doctor visits, supplements, chiropractic work, essential oils, and antibiotics, McAbee knew she had her answer: Breast Implant Illness. The implants had begun shifting toward the outside of her ribcage, making it increasingly difficult to do things that required upper body strength and flexibility. She had to do something.

The procedure to remove them, called an Explant En Bloc, took about three hours, which was considerably longer and more painful than the implant process. “When you’re having them removed,” says McAbee, “you have to make sure the En Bloc — a small sack that contains toxins — is removed. Otherwise your symptoms can still occur.”

McAbee said her doctor had to scrape bits and pieces of the capsule of tissue her body had created around the implant and attached to her muscle. This meant the healing process for the removal would be much more difficult than recovery after the original implants. 

McAbee has described the process as “very intense”.

“Somehow, I justified this as self-love,” she said of implants, “but I don’t know how I got there. I would constantly preach self-love but at a base level was not extending it to myself. I’d allowed myself to be brainwashed by society, but who is this person we are all trying to look like? To me, altering your natural state is not self-acceptance.”

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After battling these strange illnesses, realizing that the toxins that had entered her body through these implants were making her sick, McAbee wants to share her story with the world so that other women who are having experiences like this can possibly find some answers.

She said, “When you start having these symptoms, you don’t automatically think, ‘I should go see my implant doctor’. But after posting my story on social media, I’ve had women from all over comment that they are experiencing the same things, that maybe this is what’s wrong with them.”

Since it’s hard to find many science-based studies on this issue, McAbee believes the best way to spread this information is word of mouth.

Though some women who get implants never show side effects, McAbee wonders how anyone could still perform the procedure. When asking her doctor outright how, knowing what he knows, he could still do implants, he replied that everyone’s body and responses are different.

It’s a response McAbee is still struggling to accept.

“I have written on my mirror, ‘The energy that created your body heals your body’. The bodies we have that can create life have the capacity to heal. If you are a woman who is having this experience, go to your doctor. If you are a woman who has implants and you love them, ask yourself, ‘Why?’ This all comes from deep-seeded image issues. Learn from my mistakes—embrace where you are.”

Photo: Courtesy of Lauren McAbee


  1. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, no offense. And there is no medical research to back it up, because it’s obviously not true. If BREAST implants actually caused UTIs which are bacterial infections in your urinary tract do you actually think there would be a doctor in this universe that would use them? That’s malpractice. And this is voo-doo bs. Bacterial infections are caused by bacteria, not an incapsilated implant that is not even leaking into your urinay tract. And insurance will not cover this procedure either, because it’s elective. No doctor with any type of education is going to tell a patient that he recommendeds taking out BREAST implants to cure urinary tract infections or any other flu like symptoms. Unless the implant is in fact ruptured and causing the infection. Or issues.

    And I can’t believe C5 would give their readers this kind of false info without doing the proper research on the other side. It’s like when Oprah allowed Jenny Mcarthy to spew her bullshit about Autism being caused by vaccines bf doing her due diligence. Then that idiot came back on apologizing for the misinformation she gave tens of millions of mothers when they all stopped vaccinating their kids.

    Great. Now every woman with a bladder infection will be running to the doctor to have s three hour (highly invasive) and uncovered medical procedure based on this article.

    IMO you should pull it until you do some research with plastic surgeons. This is actually dangerous for the uneducated women of Charlotte who think this woman is onto something.

    I love C5 and read it everyday but this is dangerous journalism. You need to interview a doctor and give your readers BOTH sides of this issue so they have the information to make educated choices. Not just one woman’s opinion with no facts to back it up.

    You’re not talking about changing your nail color or eating at a new restaurant in town, this is a serious health care issue. Shame on you, C5.

    • I’m pretty sure the illness’s would be caused by a compromised immune system. People’s bodies regect all types of implants, including seemingly simple ones like iud’s. I believe the point of this article is to make women try to love the body they have and understand going under the knife may not be as simple as it’s may seem. It’s not idiotic at all.

      • Agree. And I was harsh. But I think it’s important to know all the facts before taking a serious step like that.

        Especially seeing as many women get implants after mastectomies and feel that making that choice is what makes them feel beautiful. ❤️

      • And women’s bodies don’t “reject” the IUD they just can’t handle the side effects. The irregular bleeding, the discomfort during sex…so they make a choice to have them removed after a doctor recommendation. It doesn’t cause a brain tumor, or a cough elsewhere in the body so you have a tooth removed. (I’m being over-the-top) lol. But you see my point?

        • It couldn’t possibly be true because it’s not your experience, is that correct? You’re not over the top, you’re vile. I’m sorrt, which field of medicine did you say you studied? Of course our bodies reject what’s not good for us, including implants and iuds. Why would you spout such false crap? When you receive a liver or heart transplant, thenmimber risk associated with transplant is REJECTION, not side effects the body can’t handle- rejection.

          • Lol. I’m not vile. I’m entitied to my OPINION which is exactly what this article is based upon. And you are correct, an organ is rejected based on the ORGAN being an incorrect antigen match. You understand that right? The body doesn’t accept it. Because it doesn’t match the donor. Not because it caused a cold or a bladder infection. There’s no need to call me names because I have the correct information based on medical knowledge.

            I’m just saying the author should give both sides.

        • The author DID give both sides by saying that not ALL women who have implants experience side effects. Believe me, if you were one of the women experiencing this illness, you would be a believer! Let me guess…..you have implants, you get stuff done to make you feel pretty, and you just can’t possibly believe that this could be true because YOU haven’t experienced it?? It is kind of vile, the way you say it’s ridiculous when another woman (actually, about 90,000+ women) is experiencing something horrific and difficult. Try having heart attack symptoms and going to the hospital three times thinking you were dying only to find out there is nothing wrong with your heart…oh, that’s right, that is a panic attack. Then, feel like you are talking in a tin can and the vibration in your ears is so bad that you can’t be around even someone talking to you…but your MRI is normal. Then, have one sinus infection after the other. Add a VERY healthy lifestyle and a plant based diet, but gain 50 lbs in 5 years! Then, have your vision go blurry and the eye doc says your eyes haven’t changed. Add dizzy spells, nausea, cramps in your feet, inflammation and forgetting where you are driving to….guess I am just getting old…and crazy….and I need prozac. Well, just look at the women who have explanted…look at the whites of their eyes and their skin and their lack of inflammation just DAYS after explanting! It is amazing (www.healingbreastimplantillness.com)! It’s real….and it doesn’t happen to ALL women with explants. But, it’s real. And, think about it….you put a foreign object, made of 24 toxins, filled with fluid (either silicone or saline…which by the way can mold) and within ONE DAY the body starts forming a protective barrier….the capsule…around the implant. That capsule made of scar tissue and other things can also become toxic from the plastic and toxins of the implant itself, warming up in the body and even possibly leaking into your tissue. I am not in the medical profession, but when you are really really sick and it effects your life, you do a lot of research. This is the truth. It may not be YOUR truth and all of your plastic surgery is working for you. But it IS the truth for many women, and you should at least respect that. That’s all I think we women should give to each other…regardless…respect. Thanks!

          • In regards to the IUD, my body DID reject it after one year of having it. I never experienced pain during sex until the week my IUD fell out. I gained so much from water retention during the IUD but I thought it was from having a baby. The IUD created 3 cysts in my right ovary and in just 1 week I lost 7 pounds from water retention, my joint and hip pain completely went away. So yes my body did reject a tiny little object. I’ve been wanting implants since I was 13 but now I’m really reconsidering this and hopefully just accept the small breasts I was given. It did it’s job which was to feed my kids and luckily I have a husband who adores me and is more of a butt guy anyways.

    • You’re absolutely wrong. My story is identical to hers. PERFECTLY healthy prior to implants. 3 months after I got them, I started having recurrent yeast infections, bacterial infections, migraines, insomnia & anxiety. As time went on my symptoms got way worse. Ended up with 30+ symptoms and 2 autoimmune disorders. Dr’s were baffled. Seen dozens of Dr’s and specialist. All they wanted to do was put a bandaid on it and medicate me. I refused. Started seeing a naturopath & doing my own research. I came across Crystal Hefner’s breast implant illness story and a light switch went off. Her story was just like mine. Also joined the FB group @breastimplantillnessandhealingbynicole where I found over 44,000 women with the same exact symptoms. Many have regained their health after removing those toxic hell bags, including myself. Most of my symptoms are completely GONE! My thyroid antibodies dropped from 2,000 to 35. Heart palpitations were gone immediately after explant. No more rashes and migraines. The shell of ALL breast implants is made with 40+ chemicals and heavy metals that bleed into our bodies, poisoning us slowly. Research BII on IG and FB. You’ll be shocked at what you’ll learn.

      • I agree!! See my response above! And another thing, it IS caused by an immune issue….and that immune issue that this very negative commenter writes about, is caused by having foreign invaders (that we chose to have) in our bodies!

    • Maybe you should do some research before leaving such derogatory comments. Your comments are also inaccurate. There is clinical evidence of the chemical and biotoxicity effect of breast implants. For many women this results in any number of systemic complications ranging from difficulty concentrating to chronic bacterial and/or candidal (yeast) infections to autoimmune symptoms (sadly, the list is rather extensive). Additionally, the FDA has warned of a form of lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) related to breast implants. I encourage you to read “The Naked Truth About Breast Implants” by Dr. Susan Kolb. There are thousands of women who have suffered from BII and for you to discredit this article based on your uninformed opinions is a disgrace to all women with or considering implants. I wish someone had informed me of BII before having two toxic bags put in my body. I applaud Lauren for having the love and courage to share her story with the sole intent of helping other women.

    • Breast implant illness is real but covered up big time. There are 44k ladies suffering horrendous ill health symptoma worldwide who have connected the dots and on Nicoles FB breast implant healing support group.

      I felt like I was dying and know the reason why. This research paper on gel bleed & ruptures was written by my explant surgeon in the Netherlands Dr. Rita Kappel and proves silicone migrates everywhere in the body causing widespread issies. All breast implants leak microscopically and cause damage on a cellular level. They dont tell you about that. We were sold a dream. Its not a case of will you get ill, its when. The world needs waking up to this scam. Babies are being born damaged by toxic poisons passes through mothers in the womb and through breast feeding. Poor ladies who have had breast reconstruction using implants because of breast cancer are becoming sick because of implant illness that masks as other illnesses. Just so wrong. Breast implants make ££££€€€$$$ and sickness they cause feed so many other industries thats why a blind eye approch is occuring. Very wrong and criminal. Thank goodness for social media, seeds need spreading and these manufacturers need shutting down. The world needs more transparent information that is sadly covered up. Wrong on every level. Thankfully women are waking up and can see through the lies/cover ups. Breast implants are not safe like we are sadly led to believe.


  2. I’m curious if this woman wears makeup? Or shaves her armpits? Or picks where on her body to place a tatoo based on how others will see it? Does she buy jeans that makes her butt look good? And do these personal choices come from “deep-seeded issues” as well? Seems like this kind of determination should be made on an individual basis, rather than judging others for their personal decisions that don’t line up with your decisions or your experiences. (No I don’t have implants, yes I prefer jeans that make my butt look good, thanks for asking.)

  3. Why in the world would you go to a chiropractor for a UTI? That alone is perhaps why you continued to have compilations.

    If you have a plumbing problem you call a licensed plumber, not a part-time refrigerator repairman.

  4. Love C5, but this is a little preachy and a lot of garbage. As a woman who does have implants (and loves them), I take offense to McAbee’s statement that “This all comes from deep-seeded image issues. Learn from my mistakes—embrace where you are.” I have a feeling that, had her experience been different (and I wish it was), her stance might show a little more grace and less judgement. She might even be one of us naughty, big boobed ladies loving all parts of herself- be they natural or less than. Blanket statements about other women’s choices with their bodies isn’t very yogi and enlightened, Lauren. In fact, it feels a little anti-feminist.

    …But what do I know, I’m just a self-hating bimbo (that looks pretty ok in a bikini). 🙂

  5. I love the way some of you just decide that I , and 50K other women in the US aren’t really sick from our implants. Guess we’re just a bunch of hypochondriacs? Guess we just spent big money out of pocket, lost our perky breasts, and put ourselves through lots of pain and healing for the heck of it??? Really? I explanted 5 weeks ago, and already many, many of my symptoms have gone away. You women who love your time bombs….feel free….but don’t tell me what MY body is doing, ok?? There’s plenty of science to support us. Unfortunately, MONEY speaks louder than science for some of these surgeons. Sad.

  6. 45,000+ sick women on Facebook support groups alone. The same symptoms described now as they were 30 years ago – despite innovation in implant manufacturing. Biased and faulty studies. We have women who were part of studies and never followed or dropped once symptoms were reported. If you look close at most manufacturer pamphlets, they actually say studies would need to be larger and longer to completely rule out correlation to disease. Cases of Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) are on the rise. Incidence when first described in 2011 was around 1:300,000. Now, it’s 1:3,000 to 1:30,000. Breast implants can cause an immune system cancer. Is it too far fetched to believe they can cause other immune system dysfunction? Adverse event reports to the FDA about breast implants are on the rise. There were over 1,700 in May. Women are sick and frustrated. We applaud those who step out of their comfort zone and speak publicly. If you have implants and don’t have problems, that’s wonderful. Good for you. You may never had problems. Until you’ve walked a day in our shoes as sick women, then you can’t begin to understand. Don’t discount those who are sick, though. It’s much more common than you think. If you have developed adverse symptoms post augmentation or reconstruction, there’s help available. There are women who understand. You can reach out to Breast Implant Victim Advocacy on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and we will help get you into support groups. Want to help even more? Sign our petition to the FDA for a new hearing on breast implant safety and BIA-ALCL. Over 11k signatures so far. We aren’t going away and we will continue to fight and educate other women on potential illness and complications.
    Jamee Cook
    Breast Implant Victim Advocacy

  7. I am another woman who was affected by Breast Implant Illness. I promise you it is very real and we are not a bunch of crazy quacks. My symptoms started out so vague with fatigue then horrible stomach issues then came the muscle and joint pain that made me feel like I had the flu. I chalked up each one of the symptoms as stress Or maybe just being a Mom, I thought my stomach issues were just from eating something that doesn’t agree with me. Never would I have thought that my implants were causing my issues. After about 8 years with my implants, I was walking through a store one day and felt like my legs were going to give out! I was terrified and didn’t understand why it happend. That same week, my feet started feeling like they were in a bucket of ice and then both my hands and feet would tingle constantly and go numb like they were asleep. I thought I was dying or had MS at 28 years old. I went to so many specialists and had MRI’s CT scans and a ton of blood work all came back normal. What I was feeling was anything but normal. I ended up in the ER with heart palpitations and my back burning like it was on fire. No one could figure out what was causing my symptoms. Out of desperation I researched breast implant Illness and couldn’t believe when I found thousands upon thousands of other women experiencing the same thing. I wasn’t sure I believed in Breast Implants causing Illness. After all, the Dr’s all sat they are safe but I was desperate to be healthy again so I had my implants removed. I am not lying when I tell you that all my symptoms went away and never returned! Your implants may not make you sick or your symptoms may start out vague like mine and so many others. Just don’t be so blind that you think we are all full of crap or crazy. Know that it is possible and can and does happen. I’m not saying to run and get your implants removed, but please just be aware if you suddenly start developing vague symptoms!!!

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