Ah, carbs. There is an International Bread Symposium, and it’s headed here.

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We all have a love-hate relationship with life’s most famous food, bread. On one hand it helps bring together some of our favorite meals. Then on the other, well the carbs.

No matter where you stand on the bread spectrum, there’s so much more to learn about it.

This week, The International Bread Symposium will make its third appearance at Johnson and Wales University. This annual event focuses on the popular food, the science behind it and what to expect from the industry in the future.

“This event is aimed at people who are really into bread and wanting to know more about the industry,” Peter Reinhart, Executive Director of The International Bread Symposium told CharlotteFive. “It’s the insider’s event of all things bread.”

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In years past, the event has mimicked a TED conference featuring multiple speakers giving attendees insight on the future of the baked dough. This year’s installment will bring a more hands-on approach, with several sessions taking place in the labs at Johnson and Wales.

There will be three main sessions over the course of the symposium.

  • Good Bread is Good For You — a deep dive into sprouted grains and how they’re at the forefront of making bread healthy. They’re said to be the thing that will “flip the script” on how bread is perceived.
  • Local, Ancient, and Heirloom Grains — exploring ways to find specific grains via local farmers, millers, and bakers in specific regions.
  • The Future of Bread Lies in the Past — showing how the old school approach that is used for making sourdough is now the best approach for the future.

While the hands-on sessions are currently sold out, you can still attend the free opening keynote address led by Dr. E.A. McKenney Wednesday at 5 p.m. You’ll need to reserve a spot via email as space is limited.


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