These 4 “brain foods” will boost your neurological health


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Your brain: it’s what makes you, well, you. Luckily, there are many foods that can help keep your brain active, healthy and focused.

We teamed up with CaroMont Health to bring you a list of the top brain-boosting superfoods that you can add to your diet today.


Eating a variety of nuts can help boost memory and other cognitive capabilities. Almonds, in particular, are especially healthy. They have Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for brain function as well as reinforcing the myelin sheaths that protect nerves from damage. They are also a great source of Vitamin E, which helps prevent the degeneration of brain cells.


We’ve all seen the news reports about trendy eaters of avocado toast, but this is one time that pop culture got it right. Avocados are technically fruits, and they have the lowest sugar and highest protein content of any fruit. A booster of memory and helpful in focusing the mind, avocados also combat strokes by providing you with folate and Vitamin K to reduce your risk of blood clots.

Leafy Vegetables

Your mother was right. You need to eat your vegetables. Green leafy veggies are excellent sources of magnesium to boost serenity. More importantly, many vegetables contain Vitamin B. This vitamin is necessary for your brain to make and maintain neurotransmitters, which do critical things like regulating your heartbeat. As with almonds, green leafy vegetables also provide you with plenty of Vitamin E to protect against neurodegeneration.

Dark Chocolate

Okay, it doesn’t always have to be the green stuff. Believe it or not, chocolate can also be great for your brain. However, make sure you grab dark chocolate, as milk chocolate and other varieties are too processed and have little to no neurological benefits. Specifically, dark chocolates with at least 70% cocoa have flavanols that can improve the flow of blood to your brain as well as your heart.

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  1. My neurologist recommended I drink cranberry juice and to be in a relaxed position while urinating to avoid for a healthier bladder.


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