Box For Your Beer—and keep homeownership dreams alive—this summer


This post is brought to you in partnership with Savvy + Co. Real Estate.  All opinions are our own. 

The road to homeownership can be fraught with angst… so, why not punch back? Well, you can at Box for Your Beer at Resident Culture Brewing Company on July 10 and August 14 at 6:30 p.m. sponsored by Savvy + Co. Real Estate.

For only $8, you can lace up your gloves and work out life’s frustrations (in a healthy, put-down-those-bag-of chips kind of way). Box For Your Beer combines kickboxing techniques with fast-paced cardio. I feel better already!

Afterwards, simmer in those amazing workout endorphins, reward yourself with a pint of beer (included in the class price!) and talk homeownership with the heavyweights from Savvy + Co. Real Estate. Sound good? Register here.

Boxing greats and these knowledgeable real estate experts have more in common than you think. Here’s the hook.

Killer combinations

What’s better than the old one-two, jab, cross? The winning combination of you and your Savvy agent.

These expert real estate professionals come to the table with big time know-how, ready to address all your questions and concerns from the big stuff (how do I start the process of getting a loan?) to the fun stuff (does this yard look pug-friendly?).

You jump in the ring with your homeownership hopes and dreams and get ready to experience the joy of walking through the door of your very own home.

Always ready to weigh-in

A home is a HUGE investment and it is important to know how your new abode will fit into your financial and family plans today and in the future.

Your trusty agent is ready show you a variety of homes in all shapes and sizes and help you narrow down your wants and needs. Savvy agents are always there to weigh in when it comes to helping you find the best fit your family.

Throw in the towel – never!

It doesn’t take a seasoned prizefighter to know Charlotte is experiencing a tight market right now. Savvy agents work hard for all their clients, whether you’re thinking about thinking about buying a home, or you’ve spent endless Saturdays driving around your top fave neighborhoods.

Wherever you are in the process, they can answer questions and educate you about next steps. And if things start to get tough, a Savvy agent gets tougher.

Boxing, beer and home buying talk with the pros, sounds like a very cool and productive way to spend a hot summer evening. Luckily there are TWO opportunities to take advantage of this hard-hitting event: July 10 and August 14. Grab your friends and register today.

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