Charleston charm with Parisian flare coming to this new Davidson bakery

Courtesy of Bonjour Y'all
Sour Plum Buttermilk Pound Cake

Think of your favorite tiny French pastry shop: the smells, the decor and, of course, the delicious baked treats. Now, couple that with the Southern charm of wrap-around porches and fresh-baked pies. That was exactly the feeling that former Hello, Sailor and Kindred pastry chef Justin Burke-Samson felt when he saw the space that will soon be home to Bonjour Y’all.

Just as the name suggests, this new Davidson-area bakery will be the perfect blend of Paris meets the American South.

“I immediately felt like I was in Boot Cafe in Paris when I saw the space,” Burke-Samson, co-owner of Bonjour Y’all, told CharlotteFive. “But I want to dive into more Southern desserts with only a touch of Paris.”

Courtesy of Bonjour Y’all
Justin Burke-Samson

As a self-taught baker, Burke-Samson will be creating all of your favorite baked staples native to the South. Think things like monkey bread, bourbon sticky buns and his speciality homemade pop tarts in flavors such as Meyer lemon-ginger.

In the evenings, the desserts will change over to mostly pies and cakes.

A big part of the new bakery will be the bread program. A small portion of the space will display several varieties of breads, including sourdoughs, cornbreads and quick breads.

“I loved going to the corner market to get bread while in Europe and eating just a little on my walk home. I’ve missed that here in Davidson. I want to create a culture of bread for the residents. There’s a need for it.”

Courtesy of Bonjour Y’all
Strawberry Pretzel Icebox Pie

Burke-Samson is most looking forward to establishing a regular customer base, envisioning visitors who will just walk in and Burke-Samson will already know their orders.

The new bakery will take over the 700 square-foot space from its former tenant, Gataeu On Main. Because it is a historic home, there won’t be any major construction — only minor cosmetic changes.

As far as the interior, you’ll be transported to an old Charleston home with elaborate wallpaper, but with a more contemporary, scaled-back appeal.

Gateau On Main will officially close its doors this Sunday, and Bonjour Y’all will open in early September.

Bonjour Y’all

107 N. Main St. in Davidson

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story had Justin Burke-Samson’s name spelled incorrectly. The story has been updated.



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