Bliss at the Biltmore Estate [Sarah & Brad]


Sarah Hunt & Brad Graboyes
Samantha Laffoon Photography

Check out this engagement story, as told by Sarah:

In late October 2014, Brad and I left Charlotte to visit Kyra, my sorority sister from Lenoir Rhyne University, and her husband, Jake, in South Carolina. The couple had just had a daughter, and we had come to dote on her. Little did I know that Brad had another task at hand: picking up my engagement ring.

Samantha Laffoon Photography

Kyra and Jake had held onto it until the perfect plan was put into the place. The next Sunday, Brad and I headed up to Asheville, to visit one of our favorite places: the Biltmore Estate. Brad, very quickly, drove to the Estate and rushed me onto the bus to the front doors of the estate. As soon as we got off the bus, Brad stated “We need to take a picture. We need to now… So you will be happy with your hair in the picture.” Brad quickly asked another guest at the estate nearby to take the picture.

Samantha Laffoon Photography

When he knelt down to “fix his shoe” the woman started to gasp and point, and began to call her friends over. I turned to Brad and looked back at the woman to let her know: “He’s just a shoe guy. No worries.” And at that moment Brad cleared his throat to pop the question.  An added bonus: Brad had hired a professional photographer to photograph the moment—and the rest of the day.

Sarah & Brad were married June 18, 2016.

Samantha Laffoon Photography
Samantha Laffoon Photography


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