Billy Jack’s Shack indicates plans to come to NoDa in former location of Davidson Street Public House


Once Davidson Street Public House shut its doors in the NoDa neighborhood at the beginning of the month, we knew of plans to turn the parking lot next to the defunct restaurant into an open-air arts market. As for what would move into the building, that part of the plan was still a mystery.

A restaurant chain called Billy Jack’s Shack has indicated on its website that it’s coming soon to the spot occupied by Davidson Street Public House at 3220 N. Davidson St. in Charlotte.

Property manager Elizabeth Grillo declined to comment about the plans via phone.

On Facebook, the Billy Jack’s logo boasts the offerings of “bacon, beer, beef, bird” and the website refers to the establishment with the nickname “BJ’s.”

Two locations already exist in Lauderdale by the Sea, Fla., and Harrisonburg, Va., with two more coming to Davie, Fla., and Richmond, Va., according to the website.

The online bar menu features a variety of rotating drafts including ciders, lagers, ales and more than 50 craft beers sourced from local and global brands.

The food menu carries salads plus sliders with a mix-and-match-two option, or the chance to order them loaded. Signature items include chicken wings and fish and chips, and oysters are available as well.

$2 sliders today ! Can’t beat that ! All day at Billy Jacks 🍔

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One portion of the menu is devoted to “boxes” with house-made sauces like sticky sweet chili, BBQ cheddar and bacon, and classic buffalo, paired with the customer’s choice of Sticky Nuggs (white chicken nuggets), Tots, Onion Rings, Fried Mac (mac and cheese) and more.

To top it off is the selection of donuts, from Barb’s Desk Drawer (with vanilla frosting and M&M’s) to the Muddy Pig (with Nutella and crumbled bacon).

Take a look at the full menu here.

It’s certainly different from the sleek hangout NoDa had in this spot before.

Featured photo by Alex Cason


  1. #BoycottBJs
    DSPH didn’t close their doors, they were forced out with minimal regard for people employed in NoDa.

    Hometown restaurant replaced by a Fla/Va chain to be managed from afar. Not my kind of NoDa!

  2. Hate it when a (Harrisonburg) chain moves in next to all our (Blacksburg) chains: Cabo, Boudreaux, Benny’s. Keep NoDa high quality! DSPH was trash, which is why they are gone.

  3. This is a joke. DSPH was pure class, it was a Charlotte original that was run by one of the best in the business. Why it was forced out to make room for this chain restaurant is inexplicable.

  4. This place is great. I’ve visited their original location in Harrisonburg and they have a philosophy of ‘happy employees means happy customers’. The food is awesome and they know good beer. Give it a chance.


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