A massive new trampoline park — with a Rubik’s Cube climbing wall — opens in Charlotte this summer


Charlotteans will begin to rethink the meaning of trampoline in mid-August when Big Air Trampoline Park opens its second franchise location on the corner of Sardis Road North and East Independence Blvd.

The Charlotte location is taking advantage of 37,000 square feet of space. Joel Cox, who’s in marketing and sales at Big Air, referred to it as a massive undertaking, as the largest portion of the park is trampoline dedicated.

He’s not lying. There will be 75 trampolines.

3D rendering of trampolines.

On top of all the bouncing (which, by the way, one hour of bouncing = burning 1,000 calories), Big Air Trampoline Park will have multiple other features, like out-of-the-ordinary climbing walls.

3D rendering of two climbing features at the park. The climbers shown represent 6-foot-tall adults.

The Rubix Tower will be a four-sided rubix cube about 25 feet tall and twisted up into weird shapes.

And the Face Off Wall, a two-sided plexiglass rock climbing wall with an auto-belay feature.

“What’s fun about (the Face Off Wall) is its see through, so you can see your buddy when you’re racing the entire time,” Cox said.

The wall won’t be the only challenge offered at the park. There will also be two trampoline courts for games of Ultimate Dodgeball, a Laser Maze (think “Mission Impossible”), an activity called Battle Beam II where competitors can fight with foam jousting sticks, and more.

3D rendering of Battle Beam II.

“The target market is families. Parents can bring their children. However, I feel like we will have so much potential to target young adults, too,” Cox said.

Make sure to check the park’s website for an updated opening date.

Big Air Trampoline Park: 2408 Sardis Road North.

Photos: Joel Cox


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