Up your chances of getting into your dream home [Partner]

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Houses that go under contract in 24 hours, highest and best offers and bidding wars have become the norm in Queen City real estate land. Welcome to a seller’s market. So what’s a future homeowner to do? We suggest teaming up with the professionals at Savvy + Co. Real Estate. Savvy agent Susan Wright gave us the scoop on how to stand out to sellers and up the chances of getting to the closing table.

Hire a professional

Hiring a professional real estate agent saves you time, money and headaches. While you focus on your “day job” and everyday life, your agents can scout out potential properties and are your best advocate when you are ready to put in an offer. “An experienced agent will have tactics and strategies to help their clients during any situation that may arise,” shared Wright. OK, we are sold.


Get a pre-approval letter

After you interview and secure a real estate agent, get thee a pre-approval letter pronto. Not only will it show you how much house you can afford, it will demonstrate to the seller your finances are in order. Win!

Be flexible

Being flexible with when you can move in and when the seller wants to move out can make the difference between getting the home you want or losing it to another buyer. Wright says she checks with the listing agent to see about the preferred move out date. If her clients can be flexible, that’s one more plus in the offer.

Tug at heartstrings

When there are multiple offers on a house, Wright suggests writing a letter to the seller telling them what you love about the house and how much the home means to you. It could make a difference. You had me at hello.

Money talks

In this case we are talking about the due diligence fee and the earnest money deposit – two things your professional agent knows a lot about. They will take time to explain how these two very important variables play a huge role in your offer. Higher fees and deposits shows the seller your commitment to the deal and spices up your offer by providing more money up front. Oh la la.

Keep it clean

Wright suggests not “junking” up the offer up front by asking for lots of personal property like washers and dryers, rugs, drapes, etc. There will be plenty of time to ask when you go under contract.

Want to learn more or have a few questions? Visit Susan Wright 1-3 p.m. Feb. 12 at her open house in the Enclave subdivision. With Savvy + Co. by your side, you’ll be throwing that housewarming party in no time.



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