The best apps for wine lovers of every level—newbie, aspiring and advanced

The Wine Kitchen

Wine may be timeless, but apps are making it easier to compare notes with other vino enthusiasts and refine your tastes. So whether you’re a wine connoisseur or have only recently discovered that you prefer reds to whites, here are some apps for you:


  • Want to serve wine at your upcoming dinner party but not sure where to begin? Consider downloading Hello Vino, an app that provides wine suggestions based on your location and desired price range. You can search by what meal you want to pair the wine with, occasion, taste preference, type, season or by general popularity. Free.
  • Maybe you consider yourself a wine lover, but do you know how to describe the flavors you like? How to Taste Wine will guide you through proper wine tasting—from swirling to sniffing—and provide a crash course in vino vocab. The content is super easy to understand. Free.


  • Engage with fellow wine enthusiasts with the Vivino Wine Scanner. Whether you want to order a glass at a restaurant or buy a bottle from the store, this app allows you to search an expansive list of wines with hundreds of reviews. Link the app to your social media accounts to see what your friends say about the wines and see what experts have think. Free.
  • If you’re getting bored with your go-to table wine, try the Delectable Wines app. You can scan a wine label at the store to learn more about the flavor, follow winemakers and experts and order bottles to your doorstep. See how wines compare to your preferences to discover a new favorite. Free.


  • If you’ve tried too many wines to count, consider downloading Pocket Wine, an interactive wine journal. Learn more about the grapes used in your favorite wines, take notes about wines you’ve tried and learn more about food pairings. The more wines you add to your journal, the more the app can tell you about your own taste. With more than 110 selections, this app can help seasoned drinkers find something new that’s tailored to their own taste. $3.99.
  • This is for sure: Wine Spectator WineRatings+ is for those who are especially passionate—and aren’t afraid to pay a small monthly fee to learn more. For a $2.99 monthly fee, wine experts can enjoy wine news and reviews from others with elite tastes. This app serves less as a buying guide and more as resource for those interested in the science, culture and complexities of wine. Subscribers can access Q&As with winemakers, charts on identifying vintage qualities and view how-to videos. $2.99/month.

Photo: Courtesy of Visit Loudoun, The Wine Kitchen

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