3 simple ways to keep your kids safe this Halloween (without sacrificing fun)


This post is brought to you in partnership with Relay. All opinions are our own.

Spooky season is here, and your kids are no doubt squirming in anticipation of trick-or-treat, costumes and more.

Even though we all have memories of dressing up as little ghosts and goblins to get candy, many parents worry about Halloween safety.

We teamed up with Relay, a new screen-less phone alternative for children, to provide parents with three simple ways that Relay can increase safety on that most spooky of nights while still keeping it fun.

1. Agree on a check-in routine.

Though some kids may like to trick-or-treat with mom and dad, many enjoy going out with friends and experiencing some freedom.

If your child wants to go out on their own, make sure you set up regular check-in times to have them contact you on their Relay. For example, you can have them check in every hour, or after every tenth house.

Relay functions similarly to a walkie-talkie, but the device has the same range of the average cell phone — so your kids can get in touch with you right away to let you know they’re safe and having a great time.

You can stay at home, relaxing and giving out candy to other costumed kiddos, while your child is streets away with friends. By using Relay, they are always one button from you.

2. Keep up with the kids using GPS.

One important aspect of Relay is its ability to function as a GPS tracking device. By enabling this feature, you can make sure that your child is following the agreed-upon trick-or-treating path, and you can pick them up if an emergency happens.

Since you’ve established a regular check-in time with your kids prior to the evening, they should be calling you regularly to let you know where they are. But the GPS feature is a good back up in case they forget in the midst of all the Halloween festivities.

3. Make it fun!

After explaining all of the usual safety measures (like not eating unwrapped candy and not approaching houses that have their lights off), don’t forget to emphasize the fun that your kids can have with Relay.

Show your kids how to use the unique Relay channels to chat with their other friends who have Relays. Teach them to use the echo channel that can modulate their voice and give it a funny or eerie quality to match their costume. And set up the music channel with some creepy Halloween tunes for the evening.

Halloween is about celebrating spooks and scares, but it should never include genuine risk. Safety comes first! By using Relay, you can give your kids the freedom they need to grow, while still being there to make sure they are safe.

Want to learn more about Relay? Click here for more information.


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