The best free summer tour you haven’t heard about is right down the road [Partner]


Summer is the season for tours. Musical tours, bike tours, Broadway tours, pedaling-historic-while-drinking-a-brew-on-a-segway tour and more. But one you might not have heard of is the South Carolina Ag + Art Tour. If you are a foodie, art lover, animal whisperer, see-how-things-work enthusiast or anything in between, this needs to be on your can’t miss list. Each weekend in June, farms throughout South Carolina host thousands of visitors for farm tours, educational events and more. Chesterfield County is nearby with some fabulous agricultural stops and a great place to start this FREE tour. Need more reasons? We got it.

Farm to (your) table

If you ever wondered exactly how that delicious meal you are serving up on a regular Thursday night came to be, this is the tour for you. Across 11 South Carolina counties, you can visit farms and farmers and see what it takes to create your famous kale and bacon soufflé. You’ll have the opportunity to take home fresh farm ingredients for your next cooking adventure. Bon appetit!

Art to your home

During the tour you can view artists in action and take home pieces that speak to you. Make sure the trunk is clear and get ready to find something you are going to love.

On the road entertainment

Along the way of this FREE, self-guided tour stops may include the melodies of bluegrass and folksongs and the opportunity to learn more about rural life. Sign in at your first stop on the tour and go, go, go!

Must visit: Chesterfield farms

Just a little over an hour down the road, Chesterfield County is the perfect place to start your tour. While there visit Southern 8ths Farm, a timber and equestrian farm with unique timber carvings. Catch local artists creating on-site paintings of the farm and local natural wonders. Your next stop is Teal Farms in Patrick, SC where you can explore an organic tobacco farm with a beautiful old barn.

Now that we have your June weekend calendar filled, all you need to do is bring a cooler for the farm fresh veggies, pack the kids for some farm fun and take a break from city life starting in Chesterfield County.


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