Where to find the 11 best biscuits in town, from sweet to savory


Whether your biscuit is used as a vehicle for pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes, or served on its own with butter and jam, I think we can all agree that a beloved biscuit entrée can surely hit the spot. From the classic sausage and gravy to generous fried chicken varieties, here are 11 biscuits throughout the Charlotte region that should be added to your carb-radar.

If we missed your favorite buttery indulgence, share it in the comments section so we can add them to the list!

The Asbury
235 N. Tryon St.

What to Order: Sticky Biscuits – country ham and goat cheese icing.

Why You Need It: Three words: Goat Cheese Icing. These mini delights are a great starter and will disappear from your table in seconds. Seriously, go ahead and get more than one order for your party (or one basket for each person … you know … for good measure).

What It Will Set You Back: $6

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar
8625 Lindholm Dr. Huntersville (This location serves breakfast on weekends)

via Jess Bentley’s Instagram

What to Order: Anything on the breakfast menu, just make sure to ask for biscuits when you get the choice of them or toast.

Why You Need It: These biscuits are a little different – crunchy on the outside and moist in the middle. I make my own breakfast sandwich with my plate and it’s pretty darn flavorful.

What It Will Set You Back: Call to inquire about the menu, (704) 237 – 4055. The Bad Daddy’s in Birkdale Village in Huntersville is the only location that serves breakfast on the weekends.

1220 Thomas Ave.

via Dish’s Instagram

What to Order: Biscuits & Gravy – two fresh baked biscuits smothered in white pepper gravy.

Why You Need It: Because you can never go wrong with this southern classic. The way it’s served here is classic and comforting, like you’re eating at grandma’s house.

What It Will Set You Back: $2.99

Dogwood Southern Table
4905 Ashley Park Ln.

via Dogwood’s Instagram

What to Order: Chicken & Biscuit – scratch biscuit, fried chicken breast, scrambled egg and chorizo gravy.

Why You Need It: The chorizo gravy is straight-up decadent and delicious. Can I order a side dish of the chorizo gravy to dip my sandwiches in it from now on? That would be grrrrreat (Office Space voice, haha).

What It Will Set You Back: $16

Earl’s Grocery
1609 Elizabeth Ave. 

via Earl’s Grocery’s Instagram

What to Order: The White Lily Biscuits – Ham, Jam and Brie or NC Cheddar, Bacon and Egg.

Why You Need It: I normally pick the Ham, Jam and Brie because I absolutely love the contrast of this creamy cheese with the flaky biscuit. This item is offered during weekend brunch.

What It Will Set You Back: $5.99

Flying Biscuit
Multiple Locations

via Flying Biscuit’s Instagram

What to Order: Southern Style Biscuit Benedict – a fluffy flying biscuit served open-faced, topped with pimento cheese, two poached eggs, crisp turkey bacon, hollandaise sauce and garnished with fresh basil. Served with a side of creamy dreamy grits.

Why You Need It: I’ve been known to order a dozen of their biscuits to-go so I can have my own personal stash at home in my freezer. I warm them back up in my toaster oven and they taste phenomenal. When dining-in, this benedict is my go-to order. Oh, and I need to give a special shout out to their grits, which deserve their own spotlight.

What It Will Set You Back: $9.49

3106 N. Davidson St.

via Haberdish’s Instagram

What to Order: Chicken Biscuit Sandwich – de-boned fried chicken thigh, slaw, and honey mustard with bread & butter pickles.

Why You Need It: Their fried chicken is juicy and tender with the perfect amount of crunch. Pair that crunch with some classic southern ingredients piled high on a scratch-made biscuit and you’re in for a memorable meal.

What It Will Set You Back: $7

Holler and Dash
2725 South Blvd., Suite A

via Jess Bentley’s Instagram

What to Order: Chicken. Set. Go. – fried chicken, pimento cheese, jalapeno and sorghum.

Why You Need It: You really can’t go wrong with any of their biscuits here, as the base biscuit recipe is one of the best I’ve had in years. YEARS.

What It Will Set You Back: $9

Sunflour Baking Company
Multiple Locations

via Jess Bentley’s Instagram

What to Order: Cheddar Biscuit – traditional southern biscuit with shredded sharp cheddar cheese.

Why You Need It: Perfect on its own, I often enjoy this Sunflour signature pastry with a piping hot cup of tea. You can also use it as your bread for one of their breakfast sandwiches, which range from $4.75 – $6.75.

What It Will Set You Back: $2.95

Sun Up Café
120 Langtree Rd., #107, Mooresville

via Jess Bentley’s Instagram

What to Order: Southern Benedict – two poached eggs, buttermilk biscuit and fried green tomatoes topped with sausage gravy.

Why You Need It: I’m working my way through their menu and have found you really can’t go wrong with any of their breakfast items. This benedict has a nice twist with the fried green tomatoes, it’s tasty!

What It Will Set You Back: $9.99

Zada Jane’s
1601 Central Ave.

via Zada Jane’s’ Instagram

What to Order: Booker T’s East Side Hasher – a bed of sweet potato hash browns topped with two ‘happy eggs’ frittata style with your choice of local Grateful Growers pork sausage, turkey sausage or soysage. It’s then covered with melted cheddar cheese and green onions. You get your choice of toast or TLC biscuit (hint: get the biscuit).

Why You Need It: Did you see that description above? I think it’s self explanatory.

What It Will Set You Back: $8.95

Added Notes:

Featured photo: Jess Bentley


  1. Stacks (Matthews and Waxhaw locations) is the best breakfast in Charlotte! Best menu items are the Challah bread French Toast or the western skillet with poached eggs! They have fresh squeezed orange juice and good coffee!

  2. Yes you must go to stacks. Everything is absolutely great there. Being from New Jersey my go to breakfast item is the Jersey sandwich. Pork roll, egg and cheese on a Kaiser roll. Make sure you put ketchup on it.

  3. I feel like a spokesperson for Lincoln’s Haberdashery, having just commented about their grilled cheese yesterday. But honestly my two favorite dishes there are the grilled cheese and their sticky biscuit. (Ok and their “13th” is pretty darn good too!) That rosemary cheddar biscuit is one of the best I’ve had… a tiny bit salty combined with the sweet of the wildflower honey its served under…amazing! Oh yeah… it comes with ham… but honestly its the biscuit that makes it all worth it!

  4. How Art’s BBQ and Deli isn’t on this list blows my mind. Sure, it’s not the most beautiful building in the world. However, as someone has has had the majority of the biscuits on this article, the beauty of the building in which the biscuit is made is not always reflected in the taste of the biscuit. I find it treasonous to have left them off the list. If you haven’t enjoyed one, you’re doing yourself an absolute disservice, and I strongly encourage you to get down to Morehead and Stonewall and try one.

  5. How could you leave Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits off this list? They have BOTH savory (regular biscuit that comes with your supremes combo for free) and sweet (The Bo-Berry biscuit and The Cinnamon Biscuit). Often, I get a supremes combo and get an additional Bo-Berry biscuit for desert.

  6. I crave Fern’s biscuits and gravy regularly! They’re also gluten free for those adhering to that diet. I’m not GF but I still love their density and flavor

  7. I agree with Justin Arts biscuits are really good. They are even better when you asked to get them grilled add egg and sausage and call it a day.


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