Behind the Veil: The cringeworthy maid of honor speech we never saw coming


Carolina Bride powered by CharlotteFive proudly introduces our new series, Behind the Veil.

Behind the Veil features anonymous submissions from guests, bridal party members, and even the bride and groom about unexpected (and often scandalous) wedding stories. These stories represent what you don’t see in the wedding photographs.

This week’s submission is from a bridesmaid. It involves the maid of honor’s (inebriated and all-too-honest) speech:

The backstory

Years after graduation, many of my friends from college had moved to Charlotte. We met up at a local Charlotte bar for an alumni mixer.

One of our dear friends had terrible luck with men all throughout college — to the point where it became something of a joke within our circle.

That same friend went up to the bar to get a drink, but didn’t come back as quickly as we expected. When I went looking for her, I saw that she was talking to an extremely cute guy who I remembered being a few years older than us.

I didn’t interrupt them, and instead reported back to our table. One of our friends — let’s call her Amanda — became flustered. The guy our friend was talking to had been her college crush. Since we were a few years out of college, the rest of us just laughed about it and wrote it off as a funny coincidence.

Fast-forward two years. Our friend’s luck had changed. The extremely cute guy she met at the bar ended up being an incredible guy and had proposed to her.

As her relationship with the guy grew, so did her relationship with Amanda. They became inseparable — actually, the three of them became inseparable. They often all went out to dinner or to the movies together. The rest of us didn’t think much about it… but looking back now, maybe we should have.

The wedding

The ceremony was gorgeous, and our friend and her new husband were so happy. Amanda, on the other hand, was downing Pinot Grigio like it was water at the reception. We were all drinking, though, so once again none of us thought much of it… until we saw her knocking back tequila shots.

By the time we got Amanda away from the Patron and we started feeding her water, it was time for speeches. Amanda got up and took the microphone to give her maid of honor speech.

It started off so well. She named off the seven reasons why she loved our friend and why she deserved nothing but happiness in life.

It was when she got to the part of her speech about the groom that things took an unexpected turn.

Amanda started her speech by telling him, and all of us, how handsome he was and how his eyes were the most beautiful “puppy dog” brown eyes she had ever seen. She then started naming off the reasons why he was the best man she’d ever met.

Somewhere around the ninth reason, it became pretty apparent that Amanda wasn’t planning on stopping. We all were trying to figure out how to stop the speech before it got any worse… but we didn’t act quickly enough.

The confession

It was somewhere around reason number 15 that Amanda started to cry. In a Pinot-Grigio-and-tequila stupor, Amanda confessed her love to the groom. She said she had always thought they would end up together, and she had hoped that the more time he spent with her, the more he would see they were perfect together.

She was just starting to talk about how if she couldn’t have him, she was so happy our sweet friend could when the groom’s brother smoothly stepped in and took the microphone. Saving the day and playing off of her speech, his brother somehow managed to end the speech on a high note.

Amanda spent the rest of the reception on the bathroom floor while the rest of us danced and tried to make a joke out of the situation with the bride.

The bride, groom and Amanda have since smoothed everything over… but we now have a rule that Amanda isn’t allowed anywhere near tequila.

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