This is how many beers you actually earn when you work out


A version of this story originally appeared on the Work For Your Beer blogWork For Your Beer is the all-inclusive guide to beer fitness in Charlotte, NC. View their calendar for a complete directory of everywhere you can work out and drink beer in the Queen City.

For the most part, when we talk to people about Work For Your Beer, they’re thrilled about the concept. “Those are two of my favorite things!” is a response we hear pretty often, along with “I basically only work out so I can drink beer anyway!” 

But occasionally, people will scratch their heads over the concept. “Doesn’t drinking beer after your workout pretty much void out all the exercising you just did?” they’ll ask.

We’ve addressed the health benefits of beer in the past, but we figured that since we’ve heard this question a few times since then, we should talk about how many calories you burn through some of your favorite workouts and how many beers those calories translate to.

For example, let’s say that you run a 5K. How many calories do you burn off when you run 3.1 miles, and how many beers does that number of calories translate to?

Or to re-phrase the question, how many beers have you earned through that fitness activity? 

Using 250 calories per beer as our standard measurement (since most beers in Charlotte are craft beers, served in pint glasses), we found the answers to that and other beer fitness equations below. Read on to learn just how many beers you’re actually working for.


Whether you’re already a runner or you’ve been wanting to start, it’s important to know how many beers you’ll earn with each mile you run.

Beer run clubs are a great way to meet friends in the Queen City, so if you’re going to join one (or several), you can use the chart below to plan your beverage consumption accordingly.


We were shocked to learn just how many brewery bike rides there are in the Charlotte area.

We wrote a great blog post about how to get involved in beer rides, too, if you’re new to the bike-and-brew scene.

Circuit training/HIIT/Bootcamp-Style Workouts

Looking for a high intensity workout before your next beer(s)? Check out all of the bootcamp, CrossFit, and circuit training workouts happening at breweries in Charlotte, Concord, Fort Mill, and more.


You’ve probably seen how popular beer yoga has become around the world in recent months. Here in the Charlotte area, we have dozens of yoga classes happening at breweries, bottle shops, and other beer (or wine) serving locations around the city. Here’s how much beer you burn off in yoga classes, whether power flows or restorative practices.

Dance fitness

If you prefer for your cardio to come from shaking your booty, we’re with you. There are several dance fitness classes to choose from in the Queen City and surrounding areas, and you can definitely earn your beer at these events.

How do you work for your beer?

So, now that you know how many beers you’ll burn off by participating your favorite fitness activities, it’s time to plan your next workout.

Whether you’re into runningcyclingyogabootcamps, or dance fitness, check out Work For Your Beer’s master beer fitness calendar to see when and where you can squeeze in a workout and a few brews here in the Queen City.

Feature Image: Work For Your Beer Blog


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