Bang Bang Burgers’ sister concept is expected to open next month in South End

The Sriracha, the Bleu and Bacon Jam and The Pimento sliders. Photo by CharlotteFive

Bang Bang Bites, the sister concept of Bang Bang Burgers, is expected to open Feb. 26 at 235 W. Tremont Ave., Suite 101.

According to the concept’s owner, Joe Huang, the term “bites” in the name refers to sliders and burger flights.

“As I’m watching people order, they are always like, which one do I want to get? So the sliders fix that problem a little bit,” Huang said. “Now you can get one that you know you want and one that you may want to try.”

Another reason Huang wanted to do sliders was because of how successful they were at the Moo & Brew Beer & Burger Festival, winning the best burger in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

At the new establishment, one 2-oz. slider with a side will be $6, two sliders with a side will be $11 and three sliders with a side will be $15. People will be able to choose from both beef and non-beef slider options, including fried chicken, fried cod and a black bean patty.

Fried Cod and Fried Chicken sliders
The Sriracha, the Bleu and Bacon Jam and The Pimento sliders

Sides include sweet potato chips with maple syrup dip, BBQ chips with ranch dressing, regular house made fries, sweet potato fries, fried green beans, fried Brussels sprouts and more.

Sweet potato chips with maple syrup dip

Five of the most anticipated Bang Bang Bites sliders

Here is your first chance to get a sneak preview of five of the slider options that are going to be available at Bang Bang Bites. Huang said he expects to consistently have around eight different slider options on the menu.

Beer flights will be around $7 or $8, featuring four different drafts. Bang Bang Bites will most likely have a cider as well, along with a grab and go cooler with bottled drinks and beers.

This restaurant will be almost twice as big as Bang Bang Burgers, coming in at 2,200 square feet. Inside, the restaurant will seat 60 and Huang wants the outside patio to seat about 25 people.

Where’s the best seat in the house, exactly? Huang wanted to create different experiences each time you come into the restaurant, so he and his architect created a custom booth towards the back of the space, containing two tables that overlook the restaurant.

Owner Joe Huang takes you on a guided tour of Bang Bang Bites 

Bang Bang Bites owner Joe Huang shows you the design of his new slider-focused restaurant. He tells you exactly what to expect when you walk in before the restaurant opens its door in late February. 

Here’s a rendering of the finished look inside via Facebook.

Once Bang Bang Bites opens, can we expect more Bang Bang restaurant concepts in Charlotte?

“I’m going to find out how smooth this concept runs in 6 months and how much gray hair I get,” Huang said. “If things are running smoothly, and we’re getting great response, then I’ll think of it as not opening up another chain restaurant, but spreading more love.”

Photos: Sallie Funderburk

Videos: Sean Clark-Weis



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