Sponsored content smackdown: Bad date vs. mammogram


Reluctant to get a mammogram? It’s not nearly the ordeal a bad date is. Let us and Charlotte Radiology show you why:

It’s a date

Charlotte Radiology: Charlotte Radiology makes booking the appointment for your mammogram quick and easy. Schedule online or call the nice staff, and they will help you find the best location and time to fit your busy schedule. They have locations around the Charlotte area so you are sure to find one close to home, work or school

Bad Date: After a month of trying to determine whether “hanging out” or “watching Netflix and chilling” is a valid date offer, you are beginning to wonder if you will ever meet in person. Oh, wait, you just got a Google calendar request. Nice.


Winner: Mammogram

Location, location, location

Charlotte Radiology: The atmosphere of any Charlotte Radiology location is calming, professional and soothing. From the inspirational stories on the Web site and walls to the knowledgeable and smiling desk staff, you begin feeling cared for the moment you walk through the door.

Bad Date: You start to wonder why your bad date’s apartment, car or bottom floor basement abode looks familiar. Ah, now you’ve got it, it’s those Febreeze commercials.

Winner: Mammogram.

Living up to expectations

Charlotte Radiology: Once you arrive at a beautiful Charlotte Radiology location, staff will take you step-by-step through the mammography screening process. From easy check-in and escorting you to the calming changing area to discussing your health history and the process of the actual mammogram, you’ll always know what to expect.

Bad Date: Wow, we’d love it if our bad dates would tell us exactly how the night was going to go. Hi, I’m Brad, your bad date. I’ll seem like a nice guy until I start flirting with the waitress at dinner whom I may nor may not know from another night. After you call me on it, I’ll start talking in Pig Latin.

Winner: Mammogram

Good listener

Charlotte Radiology: The staff at Charlotte Radiology takes time to listen to their patients. From health history to discussing current breast pain, changes or issues, the experts are there to support you in positive breast health.

Bad Date: So we are guessing listening isn’t his strong suit since your profile noted you were scared of heights and clowns and ended up at an amusement park.

Winner: Mammogram

Follow up

Charlotte Radiology: Whether your mammography results are good for another year or two or you need to come back for more tests, the staff, radiologists and doctors stay in touch with you. They are all working to create a positive, empowering experience every step of the way.

Bad Date: “K” is not a follow up to anything. Ever.

Winner: Mammogram. Schedule yours today.


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