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What would you do if one day, you were suddenly laid off from work? Or if you were struggling to make ends meet?

Three incredible women share how their simple decision to join AVON for a mere $25 completely changed their lifestyles, perspectives and journeys toward financial independence — allowing them to take control of their careers and become their own bosses.

AVON is a company that has been around for 130 years and prides itself on beauty, innovation, and optimism for every woman. The company’s line of products range from color cosmetics, fragrances, skincare, fashion and home, however this company is more than just its products. For more than a century, AVON has been pioneering for women — and as the original “social seller,” the company started offering a path toward financial independence before women could even vote.

Today, the company continues to provide a means for both men and women to pave their own path to career success, as well as be involved in philanthropic efforts for women as one of the leading corporate supporters in the fight against domestic violence and Breast Cancer. In fact, AVON announced earlier this year that they will be the National Presenting Sponsor for the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks, the nation’s largest network of breast cancer events, held in more than 200 communities across the country.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I wonder if I could do that,” or, “I could do definitely do that,” here are three inspiring personal testimonies from representatives all with different backgrounds and reasons for joining AVON.

The side hustle turned full-time

Carla Lytle started selling AVON products to help make ends meet, especially after being laid off for the second time in three months as a preschool teacher when the school closed.

“The reason I initially started selling AVON products was so I could afford name brand cereal,” Carla said.

After attending the AVON convention, she was inspired, dreaming big and ready to work for the lifestyle she had always envisioned for herself. Within one year she was able to supplement her teaching salary and now, seven years later, she is making four times her previous salary as a teacher.

A huge advocate for the impact that AVON can have on your career, Carla says, “I used to teach children to dream big. Now, I get to teach their moms how to accomplish their dreams.”

Photo submitted by AVON

The desk job turned world traveler

Leslie Watson ventured into the AVON community after realizing she had to take on another job to make ends meet, because she knew she needed a flexible gig that she could pursue on her own time.

“Something that makes this company so successful is the team aspect; wanting to help your fellow Representatives build their clientele,” Leslie says — which she experienced first-hand.

Selling AVON has given Leslie the opportunity to do what she loves: traveling, volunteering in her community, spending time with family and having the opportunity to enjoy life without being tied to her desk job.

Photo submitted by AVON

The multitasking mom turned beauty boss

Regina Means started selling AVON 26 years ago. She was going through a divorce while balancing a full-time job and being a single mom of two. Regina knew she needed another source of income.

Immediately after Regina jumped into selling AVON she quickly realized that the opportunity was truly endless — she could be her own boss with limitless selling potential. Because as she found, “everyone loves AVON!”

Throughout her time as a Representative, not only was Regina able to put her kids through school, but she gained financial stability to treat her children to special opportunities she wasn’t able to before, whether it was as small as a trip to the movies or as memorable as a family vacation to Jamaica. “I fell in love with AVON‘s values and the chance to empower women,” Regina shared.

Photo submitted by AVON

These stories are just a few examples of the millions of women who have taken the leap of faith to take control of their lives and the AVON community.

Jumping into a new adventure can be intimidating, but as you can see, AVON transforms lifestyles, enhances financial well-being and makes you a part of a family who is there to support you throughout it all.

And as Carla put it, “For only $25 to join, why wouldn’t you?”

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