Aug. 21: There is no reason NOT to register to vote. Take 5 minutes and do it


You know it’s cool to vote, right?

First, it doesn’t take long. Second, when you’re done you get to wear this sticker to work. ivoted

And third, you can’t complain if you didn’t vote. I like to complain. I vote, so I’m allowed.

Today is the last day to register to vote in September’s primary elections, and we think you all should.

Why? Easy.

(1) Local politics may be less sexy than a presidential election, but I’d argue that local government affects your day-to-day life way more.

(2) Your vote really matters. In the mayoral primary two years ago, just 6.7% of voters turned out. That’s about 34,000 people, which means a few hundred or thousand votes could make a huge difference in the election.

(3) Your opinion is important. It should be heard.

Here’s how to register:

(1) Make sure you’re eligible. Are you:
– At least 18 years old?
– A resident for at least 30 days of the county where you want to register, at least by election day?
– A U.S. citizen?

(2) If you said yes, you can just fill out this application. There are only 7 required fields, like name, address, birth date and signature. 1.5 minutes.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.10.01 PM


(3) When you’re done, just mail it in. In Meck, you mail it to:

Mecklenburg County Board of Elections
PO Box 31788
Charlotte, NC 28231

Or, drop it off here: 741 Kenilworth Ave. Suite 202, Charlotte.

Then, go vote. Primary day is Sept. 15, general election is Nov. 3. You can vote for mayor, school board, city council – positions that can make an impact on your life.


DRIVER’S ED IN DANGER: I still remember driver’s ed with Mr. Tony in high school. He’d constantly pump the break whenever I sped or swerved. My fellow classmates gripped the safety straps in the back seat, both horrified and amused.

Now, it’s possible that thousands of CMS students might have to miss the pleasure of taking driver’s education. Because the state legislature can’t seem to approve a budget, the school that provides driver’s ed for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools – paid for by state funding – is putting all new classes on hold.

CMS driver ed

STILL DELIBERATING: The jury in the manslaughter trial of CMPD officer Randall Kerrick finished its third day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. Kerrick is accused of shooting death an unarmed man in 2012.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: High school football kicks off tonight around the Charlotte region. Hot teams: Mallard Creek High (last year’s big state champion), Butler, Independence, Vance and Charlotte Catholic.


SMILE – OR AT LEAST DON’T DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL: Myrtle Beach will have more than 800 surveillance cameras by the end of the year. Look for them at intersections and boat landings.

jenpic5Jen Rothacker always wears her I Voted sticker on election day.


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