Aug. 20: Dang, Panthers’ Kelvin Benjamin out for the season


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INJURED AND OUT: The Panthers’ No. 1 receiver, Kelvin Benjamin, is out for the season after suffering an ACL tear in his left knee during training camp on Wednesday. He was running a drill, cutting right, when his knee twisted and he went down. This is Benjamin’s second season as a pro, and he was a lot of fun (and at times exasperating) to watch on the field last year.

MORE BEER IN SOUTH END!: It’s looking like Bulldog Beer and Wine’s second location will be in South End. The beer and wine seller has been elusive in announcing its newest location, but recent hints dropped on social media have shown pictures of the Bland light rail station and the pink Arlington building. Expect a full unveiling Saturday.

IT’S RAINING DOORS: A small door from an American Airline plane fell off mid-flight and landed in the middle of a Mount Holly golf course Wednesday morning. Two golfers saw an object falling to the ground, twirling around before it hit the ground about 40 feet away. The panel covered a service area of the plane and its loss did not endanger the 146 passengers on the plane, which was headed to CLT from Dallas.

plane door

DRAMA IN THE SKIES: Charlotte saw a dramatic thunderstorm rip across uptown Wednesday afternoon around quittin’ time. Check out this time lapse that’s made for the beginning of a horror flick.

DEMONIC POSSESSION PERMITTED IN YORK COUNTY: The York County Council has agreed to let Cinemax series “Outcast” use county property, despite one council member’s worries that the show promotes occult activity. “I think we have a double standard … When we endorse something involved with the occult, with killing,” councilman Bruce Henderson said. “This might be watched by those missing a few bricks who hadn’t thought of this before and say, ‘Hey, that’s a good idea.’”


Photo: WBTV, Charlotte Observer


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