Around the World: What Charlotte is Ordering Now [Partner]


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As the restaurant scene in Charlotte continues to evolve, so do the types and styles of cuisines offered. Although we are a Southern city that loves Southern cooking, the Queen City is now home to delicacies from across the globe.

With this food evolution, Charlotteans can enjoy dishes from all parts of the world without hopping on an airplane. And now thanks to DoorDash, we can enjoy these cuisines without leaving the comfort of our home.

With DoorDash (via the Android or iOS app or online at Charlotteans can order from more than 300 restaurants in the area. In under an hour, customers will have their favorite restaurant dishes delivered to their door.

From South American to Indian cuisine, from Vietnamese to Peruvian dishes, there is something for everyone when it comes to international food. Never tried pho? You should really change that about your life. How about tikka masala? Seriously, how do you look at yourself in the mirror. Here is the “Top Five” list, according to DoorDash, of the international foods and restaurants Charlotteans are loving right now.

  1. Peruvian Cuisine: Pio Pio and Viva Chicken have brought Peruvian food to Charlotte in a big way. Feed a crowd with Pio Pio’s popular chicken, rice, & beans combos.
  2. Indian: Tikka masala, typically served with chicken and a spicy, creamy, tomato-based sauce, from either Maharani or Hyderabadi Biryani House, is the runaway favorite.
  3. Japanese: The chicken hibachi from Fuji Hibachi & Teriyaki Grill sends Charlotteans into a frenzy; edamame (found in cuisines across Asia, it was first referenced by name in Japan in the year 1275) is a popular add-on for many delivery diners. Try it from AZN Azian Cuizine.
  4. Vietnamese: Pho is king, especially the beef pho from Pho Plus and iPho.
  5. Italian: In Charlotte, we still love getting pizza delivered to our door, but we are expanding our Italian horizons. The Crispy Chicken Parmigana at Aria is a popular order and will transport you to another land.

Use promo code CHARLOTTEFIVE for free delivery and $10 off your first order, because no matter what international cuisine you are craving, or how comfy your couch is, DoorDash has you covered. And check out the DoorDash site and app as new restaurants and areas of Charlotte are being added to better serve customers.

Photo: Flickr/areta ekarafi