7 apps that tackle your to-do list, from dog-walking to car-washing

Photo by Alex Cason Use your phone to summons local yoga teacher Nicole D’Alonzo, left, to your living room (virtually).

Let’s face it: we’re all so busy these days.

We can likely blame our phones for a giant portion of the time suck they give us, so why not make them work to get some of that time back?

Luckily, there are plenty of apps and websites out there that are designed to do the chores, so that we can focus on what we do best — whether that’s getting ready for tomorrow’s board meeting or snuggling on the couch with the dog while dinner is being delivered.

Here are some local (and national) services that allow your phone to actually help you be more efficient:

(1) 19 Minute Yoga

19 Minute Yoga

At the end of a long day, many of us are simply too tired to head back out to the yoga studio for that mind-body connection a busy day can bring. However, your phone can virtually summon a local yoga teacher to your living room to help you engage and relax. Charlotte-based yoga teacher Nicole D’Alonzo has created 19 Minute Yoga, with the intention that everyone — even busy people — can devote 19 minutes to a daily practice.

“19 minutes a day keeps the mind and body clear. Physically, you release the stress and fatigue that gets lodged in the body from daily tasks and work — like when we sit at a desk in the same position for hours every day,” D’Alonzo said. “Research shows that shorter practices throughout the week are more effective than one long practice once a week. I think about it like this: I don’t eat fried food all week and then eat salad on Sunday and expect to feel healthy. I eat something nourishing every day. It’s the same with yoga. Go to class with your friends when you can, but don’t skip yoga all together just because you can’t make it to a studio.”

The program is voice-guided and features illustrations by Charlotte artist Rich Barrett.

Download their app on App Store.

(2) 2ULaundry

Courtesy of 2ULaundry

Piles of laundry aren’t supposed to live on the guest room bed? There’s a local company with a solution. Visit their site via desktop or mobile, create a free account, select service offerings and preferences, and tell them where your dirty laundry is aired. They’ll take care of the rest.

Pickup and delivery is Monday through Friday with a standard 1 business day turnaround, and you don’t have to be home. They also deliver to single-family homes, apartments — to your door, and even some businesses are offering the services as a perk for working there. (Wait, are they hiring?)

“We’ve made it incredibly easy to partner with us to offer residents of Charlotte’s apartment communities a very practical service like laundry and dry cleaning pickup and delivery,” co-founder Dan D’Aquisto said. “We work with over 100 apartments in the area and the residents have adopted our service at a very fast pace.”

(3) DoorDash


We’ve all been there: craving chizu with spicy pork from Futo Buta but don’t have time to deal with Uptown traffic to get there?

DoorDash brings the food to you. Tell them where it’s going and what you want to eat. You can search by restaurant, type of cuisine or check out the vendors offering free delivery on $20 orders.

Your “dasher” will get your order from the restaurant and deliver it straight to your door. They don’t even judge you for being in your pajamas at 7 p.m. (we hope). Rate and tip them through the app, then enjoy your Netflix and dinner evening.

Download their app on App Store or Google Play.

(4) Hux


If you’re too busy/tired/lazy to scrub down the microwave after that frozen dinner mishap last week or looking around and seeing more dirty dishes than clean counters, there’s a couple of solutions. One is to resign yourself to eating at the corner pub for the rest of your life but that’s not very practical. It may make better sense for you to get started with Hux housekeeper services.

A good housekeeper/homeowner relationship is arguably as important as a dating one, and this site allows you to be choosy about who you let into your home.

After you enter your address, verify the information they have about your home, including square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Then select the type of cleaning you’d like, let them know if you have a pet, and choose your extras, including an eco-friendly clean, a closet organization and how many square feet of baseboards you’d like cleaned. Watch the estimated price increase with each add-on.

After you’ve made your selections, the site will display the available housekeepers in your area that meet the criteria you’ve selected. Here you can see their availabilities and prices and read reviews about them.

(5) Shipt

Courtesy of Shipt

Not only can this service save time, but it can potentially save you from those impulse buys at the grocery store — at least, our waistlines hope so. Choose an annual ($99/year) or monthly ($14/month) membership with Shipt, which was founded in 2014 and acquired by Target late last year.

Once you’ve selected your membership, fill up your shopping cart from area retailers — including Bi-Lo, Harris Teeter, Lidl, Publix or Target. Personal shoppers will bring your items directly to your door with same-day delivery.

“Shipt helps busy members get a little bit of time back in their day, so they can focus on everything else – whether that’s spending time with family, focusing on their career, giving back to the community, or pursuing their passion or hobby,” Shipt Spokesperson Julie Coop said. “We take care of the groceries so our members in the Charlotte metro area can take care of what matters most to them.”

Download their app on App Store or Google Play.

(6) Skipper

Photo by Emily Decker Photography

Busy days can often result in feelings of guilt for those four-legged friends at home, who may not understand why conference calls > fetch.

You may know Skipper as the former Waggle Company. The Charlotte-based pet-care company rebranded earlier this summer and have added a second location in Austin, although they remain headquartered in Charlotte.

After you sign up online, Skipper will come out to your house for a consultation, where they assess the important stuff, including your pet’s personality type, meal instructions and routines. You can book visits in advance or same-day. In addition to dog walks, they’ll also take care of your cats, including cleaning out litter boxes. They’ll bring in your mail or water your plants, too.

At the end of the visit, you’ll receive a summary report with a GPS-tracked map, pet photos and comments about the visit. “You’ll know exactly when we were there and what your pup (or cat!) did during their Skipper visit for ultimate peace of mind,” co-founder and CEO Meggie Williams said.

(7) Spiffy

Courtesy of Spiffy

Your car needs a bath, and even your teenage neighbor is too busy to help you out for a few bucks. North Carolina-based Spiffy offers everything from a basic wash to a full car detail.

Download the app, then give them your car’s stats: make, model, color, year. Enter in your addresses (such as home and work) and book your service. You can add services including pet-hair removal, odor eliminators, rain repellent and even oil changes. Select your date and time window, then your work is done.

Spiffy will send out a representative in a van with all the tools they need to make your car as good as new. Pay and tip via the app once it’s all done, and you’ll be able to drive to dinner in style with a car that is no longer pollen yellow.

Download their app on App Store or Google Play.


  1. If you need an app service to care for and walk your dog, then you dont need a dog in the first place. You should also not have any kids.


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