Go on a thrill ride with an America’s Got Talent finalist

Photo by Kenneth Mucke

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Imagine you are in the front row of one of the world’s biggest roller coasters, screaming down the tracks, while architecture, dance, ballet, gymnastics and daredevil feats merge together in an explosion of talent all around you.

That shot of pure adrenaline is just part of what took DIAVOLO: Architecture in Motion all the way to the finals of NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

This company of creators that takes audiences beyond reality with moves that make you wonder, “How did they do that?,” is headed to Belk Theater on March 13, with tickets starting at $19.50.

Buckle up

The ‘NFL of dance’

Jacques Heim is the director of DIAVOLO: Architecture in Motion, but is reluctant to call himself the choreographer. He starts with big ideas of how objects bring us together, tear us apart, isolate us and foster love and friendship, then lets each performer bring their unique style to the story.

“We are very much the NFL of dance,” Heim says. “We practice like football players. You have to be part of a team because everybody works with one another.” It’s all about the human body interacting and being molded by the environment and every bit of WOW!

Take a break from the ho-hum

Give you, your SO, friends or the entire family a break from the grey, wet doldrums of winter. The stunning DIAVOLO performance will warm you up and bring you to your feet. With tickets starting at $19.50, it’s an exciting and affordable way to watch a company on fire.

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