Flying out of CLT? Look for these changes

Photo by Sean Busher Imagery
As part of the renovation, the airport installed 950 new chairs, each with a charging port.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Tuesday unveiled its first concourse to be redesigned as part of a $2.5 billion capital improvement program.

The $13.5 million redesign to Concourse B included 950 new seats — each with a charging port — renovated bathrooms and four murals from Charlotte artists.

“We hope the passengers see the difference,” said Brent Cagle, the airport’s CEO.

The four murals were commissioned from local artists by the Arts & Science Council in partnership with the Public Art Commission and the airport.

Photo by Sean Busher Imagery
The mural “We are All on the Same Plane” by Nico Amortegui was one of the four murals commissioned by local artists for the renovated concourse.

One of the murals, “We are All on the Same Plane” was painted by Plaza Midwood-based artist Nico Amortegui — who is originally from Bogotá, Colombia.

The colorful yellow mural with a background of green and blue plants depicts a mermaid, which he said represents a mother and the city, which gives new life to its residents.

“It’s amazing just to have more art in the city,” Amortegui said. “That’s the biggest thing, to have it in an airport which is so busy. Sometimes it helps to break through the craziness.”

Concourses A and C are also being redesigned. Construction is set to be completed for both in early 2020 and total $90 million.

Photo by Sean Busher Imagery
The $13.5 million renovation includes new signage.

The renovations are part of the $2.5 to $3 billion Destination CLT investment program. Apart from renovating the concourses, the airport will also expand the airport’s roadway, curb front, airfield and terminal.

A nine-gate expansion to Concourse A, which opened in July 2018, was the first project completed as a part of the project.

This article originally appeared in The Charlotte Observer.


  1. Flew out of Concourse B Friday, June 28th. The new seats with with wireless charging didnt work on my Samsung S8.

    • they added seats with chargers and renovated bathrooms, and yet you are ignoring those and complaining about the 4 murals? jesus christ some of yall always have to be negative about everything. It is just 4 murals; no need to throw a temper tantrum.

    • I can understand your statement. However, CLT manages to fly out over 700 flights a day, one of the top ten busiest airports in the nation. It is very important that Charlotte incorporated art into the renovation. In fact I would argue that more art is needed. Have you been through PHL or DEN. They both have lovely art and people talk about it.

    • They added seats with chargers and renovated the bathrooms, and you are saying those priorities are questionable? lol okay

  2. Can you put some money into opening a second security line for early morning flights? Nothing beats getting up at 3am to the airport 2 hours early to almost miss your flight because the security line is a mile long. You know you how many flights you have going out and how many people are on them and how long it takes to get through security. Is the math that hard to get done that tells you to anticipate needing a second line? The seat chargers and bathrooms are lovely as you run by them to get to your gate on time.


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