How this 60-year-old Charlottean gained more than 31K Instagram followers with age-positivity

Jan Correll of Silver is the New Blonde. Photo courtesy of Silver is the New Blonde.

Jan Correll, creator of the blog @silver_isthenewblonde, is proving that Instagram isn’t just for young people. Correll, 60, has grown her Instagram following to 31,200 — and it’s still climbing. She has even been named one of “The glamorous grandmas of Instagram” in a June 2018 New York Times article.

In the piece, she’s quoted as saying, “I decided to use social media as my platform, as my little piece of real estate, my outlet for talking about this point in my life where I can do what I want.”

A fashion lifestyle blogger and influencer based in Charlotte, Correll is working to transform the status quo for women ages 50 and up, as well as to show entrepreneurs how to follow their vision with classy confidence. She also works as a sales consultant.

The evolution toward her current following was a slow process.

“I have always approached sales as a way to help others, whether a very small or a global multi-million dollar sale,” she said. “The best salespeople are professionally persistent, they listen to the customer’s needs, and they never give up.”

Her success as a sales consultant wasn’t enough to fend off ageism. It reared its ugly head to make her feel like she was being passed over for profitable partnerships.

“I reached a point in my professional career when no one was asking me what my professional goals were,” she said.

Feeling the sting of it all, the lessons her parents instilled in her drove her to look beyond.

“My parents instilled hard work, confidence in myself, and persistence at a young age,” she said.

She took her tech-savvy background and sales consulting experience to not only blog about fashion, beauty and style trends, but to create a platform as an influencer. To help the 50 and up woman beat the negative influence of the status quo that is, “What she has to offer is no longer relevant.”

But how to reach the woman starving for relevant content and content that makes her feel real?

Jan, confident that her followers were out there, launched an initiative that slowly evolved over a two-year period.

“It started with a focus on fashion and my following grew significantly early,” she said.

As engagement grew it offered insight that guided her content selection and timing.

Studying analytics shaped her online platform into what she describes as “a combination of content around perennial style, ageless active, bold beauty, and positive aging.”

She said fashion and style are her highest-hitting posts.

Correll shares it all, from images of her posing on the beach in a Miraclesuit swimsuit, to leaning against a mural in Fort Mill sporting a bright red dress.

She gets plenty of positive comments on her posts like “Smokin’ Hot” and “YASS!”

“Sincerely, I think that I offer a clear start and finish line for my community,” she said. “Over time so many lose track of their confidence. It is a raw and confusing place to be. To find that loving feeling again you must be open-minded to new experiences. Look around to discover how you can color your lifestyle! Be assured it is OK to be bold.”

Now, with specifically tailored content, a combination of text and images of Jan taken by her husband, she gives her followers permission to be themselves.

Where will her momentum take her next? Correll plans to further expand her brand, continue to work with sales consulting clients, co-own a business, and she may even write a book.

You can follow her journey at



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