Advice from a CLT real estate agent: What buyers can do to get the deal done


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Lara Bucci is a no-nonsense kind of person. As a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent, she brings her “let’s get the deal done” expertise to clients and helps them with their home-buying or selling goals. Originally from Ohio, she found herself living in a small town in Texas after her husband got a job there. Eager to get involved and learn about her new home, she got her real estate license with the hope of renovating and building homes. Her plan worked and she found her dream career.

She found her way to Charlotte via a career opportunity and fell in love at first visit. She went back to Texas and told her husband she and the dogs were moving and he was welcome to come with her. He made the right decision, of course, and the two moved to the Queen City to start a new adventure.

Lara’s adopted dogs Dre and Slim, outside Max & Lola Bodega.

In the four-plus years Lara has lived here, she’s seen the real estate market continue to tighten for buyers. Her advice? Get creative with what you can offer. “More often, we are negotiating the amount of good faith money being offered, the length of the due diligence period, and how quickly we can close,” says Lara. “Buyers have to be creative in this market to not lose out on the house they want, while at the same time not overpaying. This is where a Realtor® can help, by bringing creative ideas to the process.”

C5 sat down with Lara to see what other great ideas she had to share with buyers and sellers.

C5: What’s the best part of working with buyers?
LB: The most enjoyable part about working with buyers is finding the home they are dreaming about. It can be a stressful time in a buyer’s life, and I want to listen to their fears, excitement, and be there when they finally say “Yes to the house!”

C5: What makes sellers special to work with?
LB: I enjoy listening to them talk about their home. The memories and love they have for a house is what makes it a home. I use those emotions to convey to potential buyers why it’s the home for them. 

C5: Negotiations have become commonplace in this market. What is your strategy?
LB: Managing the client’s expectation up front is the key to keeping clients and agents calm. As professionals, we have to stay above the emotion of the process.

C5: What do you do to help your buyers in these tight conditions?
LB: As a professional Realtor®, I make it my business to be aware of what is coming to the market and make sure my clients have the jump on the competition.

C5: Any advice for buyers in this busy spring selling season?
LB: You should not try to buy a house without representation. If you do not sign with a buyer’s agent, you have no one who has a fiduciary responsibility to look out for your interests.

C5: What challenges are ahead for sellers?
LB: The biggest challenge that sellers face right now is the question of where they are moving to once they’ve sold their home and how to navigate the bridge between selling their current house and finding the next place. It take a lot of coordination to ensure it all comes together at the same time.

C5: What advice do you have for sellers?
LB: The best advice I can give sellers is to work with a Realtor® who can help price the house appropriately right from the start. Overpricing your house is the single biggest mistake sellers make. It is the surest way to end up getting the least amount for your house in the longest amount of time. A good Realtor® can accurately determine the best price for you with solid statistics from real data.

If you are ready to talk buying, selling, building, renovating, current market conditions — or anything in between — Lara is ready to help.

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