3 adult entertainment shops to check out — and what their bestsellers are


There’s nothing wrong with spicing up your sex life. Here are 3 adult entertainment stores to check out — and what their bestsellers are.

The Red Door

Locations: 3609 South Blvd, 5301 E Independence Blvd, 9605 N Tryon Street, 200 W. Woodlawn

Check out the website and you’ll see front and center, a plus-sized woman leaning on a bed with a thin woman, both in lingerie. Red Door manager Mandy Kimrey said this is intentional. The promoter of Mandyland events (an event production company driven by inclusiveness for all people and all lifestyles), Kimrey said the goal at Red Door is to be inclusive.

“We want people to get out and have fun,” she said. “A sex store is part of it — go to a show, come by for the fun and funky vibe and talk to our very well-trained staff.”

Kimrey says the staff can be clinical or kinky, depending on the customer.

“We tailor the experience and cater to specific needs,” she said.

For instance, the University location teaches more anatomy while others may be more device-specific.

Advice for someone nervous about coming in?

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions because we do this every day,” she said. “Nothing is really off limits. Tell us what your fears are or what you think. We have loads of advice on everything from cock rings to costumes. We are very helpful to the trans community and have a little something for everybody’s body.”

Red Door stands out because of their commitment to staying on top of trends, and meeting with reps who conduct classes for staff members about the latest products on the market. This information is then passed on to customers as they seek items to meet their specific needs. Red Door even has locally made whips and cuffs, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Bestselling item: Male enhancement pills.

Adam and Eve

Locations: 1437 South Blvd, Charlotte; 8415 Pit Stop Ct NW #201, Concord

Adam and Eve is likely the easiest sex store to step into. Its corporate feel and mild billboards give a sense of normalcy, which is good—because sex is normal. If you’re new to the sex store scene, this is probably a good place to start. With locations riddling the highway, you’re sure to find one close to home.

While there is a lack of diversity portrayed in their online presence, the store manager for the Concord Mills location, Ashley Lockhart, boasts that their locations cater to people of various demographics. She also throws in that the stores are “not shady”.

During the week, they cater more to men searching for partner gifts, and they see more couples in the store together on the weekends.

While Adam and Eve stores are affiliated with a corporate store, all are privately owned. The Concord franchise carries more high end items and makes a point to avoid purchasing items with bad reviews.

“This way our customers know they can trust us and know we will consistently stock our shelves with good products,” Lockhart says.

Bestselling item: We-Vibe Sync, an adjustable couple’s vibrator with a wireless remote.

White Rabbit

Location: 920 Central Avenue

As a store with a primarily LGBTQ+ clientele, White Rabbit stands out from the crowd for a few reasons. White Rabbit manager, Kode Brown, wants to make sure all demographics and identities can feel comfortable in his store. For toys, there are a mixture of shades to align with various racial identities. While they tend to attract men looking for underwear and women looking for toys, White Rabbit has become a sort of epicenter for gay culture.

While they have a presence at Pride each year, Brown says most people come in just to see what it is.

“LGBT ‘adult stores’ mostly cater to different types of people, but we are full of information for the community,” Brown said. “The LGBT community doesn’t have a community center, so they can come there for information.

“It’s a one-stop-shop.”

When asked what to expect from the store, Kode said, “Expect a lot of color- so bright!”

Bestselling item: Flesh Jack, a life-like sex toy for male stimulation.

Featured photo: CharlotteFive



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