White men, sexual assault is our problem and it’s time to acknowledge it


Fellow white males, sexual assault and harassment is our problem. We have to acknowledge the damage we are doing to society. We’ve got to own the idea that an attempt to stop it starts with us.

Trust me, I know a lot of you have already stopped reading this because of those first three sentences. My message to you: you are part of the problem, so get the hell out of the way if you don’t want to acknowledge the issue. As Shooter McGavin in “Happy Gilmore” says, “Damn you people, go back to your shanties”.

According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) and the Bureau of Justice, 57 percent of all sexual violence perpetrators are white and 99 percent are male.

The list of powerful white men facing sexual assault or harassment accusations seems to keep growing every single day. Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore, James Toback, Roger Ailes, Bill O’ Reilly, and even the president, Donald Trump. I could easily keep going, but I don’t want the article to just be one GIANT list.

What do many of these men have in common? They are or have been in positions of power. Power can go to people’s heads, allowing them to feel the freedom to do what they please.

According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll, 14 million women said they were sexually abused in work-related episodes. On top of that, 25 percent of them identified men with sway over their careers as the culprits. So, you may ask, what’s 25 percent of 14 million? That would be 3.5 million cases of sexual assault committed by people of power in this poll alone.

I’m calling on white males here because **shocker** we make up a majority of those same positions of power. According to Fortune, seven in 10 senior executives of Fortune 500 companies are white men. In the Hollywood Reporter’s most recent “Top 100 Most Powerful People in Hollywood”, 76 were white men.

Let’s head to Silicon Valley where a study found 60 percent of women working in the tech industry had experienced sexual harassment. Of those, 65 percent said it was from a superior, and half had advances made on them more than once.

I bet you can tell by now where this is going. Of those at the executive level of the Silicon Valley 150 (the top public tech companies in the bay area), 83 percent are white and 94 percent are men.

The political landscape is no different. A whopping 91 percent of senators are white, and 79 percent are men. No better on the House side, 78 percent of the representatives are white, and 81 percent are men. There are 44 male governors and 94 percent of governors are white. Men also hold 75.1 percent of state legislature seats, and 85 percent are white.

The worst part of these polls and statistics are the number of abusers who go unpunished and the number of women scared to speak out. In that ABC News-Washington Post poll, 95 percent of the women who faced sexual abuse in the workplace reported that the male perpetrators would usually go unpunished. In the study on Silicon Valley, two out of five women interviewed did not report the harassment because they thought it would negatively impact their career.

This is why it has to start being acknowledged in the white male community. We are being accused of horrendous actions and we need to stop sweeping it under the rug. Step up and own it!

This is not a political issue; this is a right and wrong issue. If your first thought is to attack the accuser, then you are deplorable. I know it’s a buzzword, but oh does it fit so nicely here.

You know what doesn’t help? Comments like this from Franklin Graham.

Once the argument turns into which sexual assault ranks worse than another, we ALL lose. Get off your supposed moral high ground and let’s start making real steps to stopping all of it from happening. I will be the first to admit I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve got some great places to start.

First step, stop being terrible people. Not every person wants your advances, so keep your hands and lips to yourself. If you’re in a position of power, treat everyone with the same respect they give to you. It doesn’t give you free rein to live out your creepy sexual desires with innocent people.

Second step, educate yourself. Make sure you understand the severity of the problem and how much it can negatively affect a victim. Ask a survivor and I’m sure they will tell you the scars it has left on them. 

While sexual assault and harassment is an issue we must address as an entire nation, if 57 percent of the perpetrators are white and 99 percent are male then I think it’s clear who should be doing the most to put a stop to these actions.

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault, abuse, or harassment and are looking for help, here are a few places to start: National Assault Telephone Hotline, Safe Alliance, NC Rape Crisis Centers, Brave Step, and Charlotte Sexual Abuse Support Groups. Also, if you’d like to volunteer at Safe Alliance, please click here.

Photos: Brynn Anderson, Matthias Balk, Hal Yeager, Richard Shotwell – AP


  1. Where is Bill Clinton’s photo?
    He has been accused of rape by two reliable women and he used his authority to have relations with others.

    • Why are you so obsessed with the Clintons? The reason his photo isn’t up there is because he’s already been dealt with on a global scale. Are there any new allegations against him in the past ten years? Why does President Clinton need to be raked over the coals over and over again when the dumpster fire in the White House gets away with it?

      • “Obsessed” because of holding your man accountable for the exact same thing you are now accusing others over? Most of the lies and accusations coming out against some of these men now are over things that happened decades ago. May God have mercy on your trashy soul for talking trash about President Trump. Bill Clinton was nothing but a sexist criminal as is his sorry wife. Now get the hell out of here and go play with your crayons.

      • The only reason they bring up Clinton is to defect attention about Trump’s sexual perversions and abuse of women. You’re right, Sarah, there haven’t been any “new allegations” against him since the ones that have been publicly discussed for 17 years. This article is addressing the numerous allegations which have recently come out going back to the last year with Trump. Trump’s history of sexual aggression toward women is relevant because it was his election despite the numer and severity of allegations against him (the Rae of a 13 year old girl) which has led to women rising up, telling their stories and saying no more.

    • It’s a valid question. Bill had a affair in the Oval Office, also sexually assaulted other women. Just because you don’t want to hear it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be on the list. You asked if he had done anything in the past 10 years. So is that your statue of limitations? As long as he hasn’t done anything within 10 years he gets away with it?!!

      • It is a deflection from Trump’s history of sexual aggression toward women. Clinton has not gotten away with it, he has been publicly shamed even though infidelity is not a crime. Trump is getting away with it right now and since he is currently in a position to create laws which harm women, he needs to be held accountable right now. Since he, as leader of our country, is refusing to address Roy Moore’s history of sexual perversion, he is endorsing sexual aggression by adult men toward children. Hold him accountable for what he is doing with the power he holds right now and then we’ll talk about how past Presdent’s used their power.

        • The point is the action not the time frame of being held accountable..interesting how statue of limitations is brung up not the issue of guilt..the guilt is therefore accepted..sad

    • Out of the millions of men (and also women) that have committed sexual assault or displayed grievous disrespect toward their victims, if you honestly conclude that a piece is biased because one of them, who faced impeachment two decades ago, is not one among four men pictured, then I humbly submit that you have made up your mind beforehand. Possible?

  2. Yeah, it’s mostly a problem for white males, but hardly a landslide in that direction if 43% of all sexual violence perpetrators are non-white males. That’s a pretty big chunk of the sexual violence population, wouldn’t you say?
    If you have 1,000 perpetrators, then 430 of them are non-white. Laying all this on white males probably brings great comfort to the other 43% contributing to the problem. The list of powerful men accused of sexual assault also includes Bill Cosby and Russell Simmons.
    Sexual assault is a male problem, and really needs to be addressed as such. It’s a macho culture problem, one where men of all colors and ethnic backgrounds feel they have the right and privilege to control women and take what they want when they want it. If you don’t believe this problem crosses borders into every continent and country, then you’re either blind or stupid.
    Do yourself a favor and learn about human sex trafficking, which is most prevalent in Asia, Africa and South America. It’s not exactly the same as sexual assault, but it underscores the larger problem of men seeing women as objects for their pleasure and gain.
    If you were really, really interested in reporting the problem, you’d look past the headlines involving Weinstein and Franken and Trump, etc., and find out what law enforcement data tell you about sexual assault in broader society.

    • To: Vinny, and all white men, they don’t call the suburbs PERP’VILLE, USA for no reason. If you can’t own up to facts, then why are you asking other non-white men to do so.

      Leadership, power, authority and control is in your hands. It’s sad that you have all of this and still have to force yourself upon women. The weaker of the two genders. This article/blog is 100% on point.

      The answer lies within WHITE MEN making the change. You can’t blame NON-White men, this time.

      • MyNews, you seem to have a problem looking at facts. Read the story again: 43% of perpetrators are non-white men. Let me repeat: 43%. That’s not a small number, no matter where you happened to learn your math.

        What YOU are doing is downplaying the effect sexual assault has on women of color.

        If it’s white women getting assaulted by white men, it’s a big deal. Never mind that 43% of the victims may be women of color.

        You’re the one who’s missing the point here.

        • Vinny, You are doing the downplaying. No one disagrees its a general male problem. But the facts are most perpetrators are white. And all the author is asking is for white males to take a self assessment amd evaluation. Because its evident that the white male carries a greater sense of entitlement, audacity, and privilege towards the world and women than any other male. So stop worrying about the other 43% and focus on you and ur whiteness.

      • Also MyNews, you assume too much when you assume I’m a white man. I’m actually mixed race with Caucasian and Filipino blood.
        There are more than two races in the world, you know.

  3. Blah blah blah, yeah white people suck. White men are the worst. So sick of this race everything. White people are not the cause of every problem in the world. And if you really want to talk about sexual assault, instead of lecturing 1 group based on race. Well, then maybe you’d like to talk about actual rape statistics. Sexual assault statistics etc… You’re trying to cherry pick a very small sliver of society (people of power) then link it to race. When you do this BS, you’re molding perception. Im not saying sexual assaults aren’t a problem, but to try and paint the picture that if all white men didn’t exist, it would vanquish sexual assaults. Uhhhhh no. You want to write a truly courageous and accurate article?? Well then look up all crime statistics, if you don’t want to then just look up rape statistics and start a new article. You won’t,, because it would be opposite of the narrative you’re trying to spin/create. You’re a hack POS

    • “Very small sliver of society (people in power)” … they make up the ENTIRE sliver of people with the power to enact meaningful change from the top.

      The author is not making a case against white men, the author is stating that white men have the power to enact meaningful change and need to do so. Why is it too much to ask white men — who have always held the seat of power in the U.S. — to be better? To care more? To protect others? To help?

      I’ll never understand why the call to do more is met with a response like this

      • Hi Andy, I’d like to address something you said. You see, the powerful white men you speak of do many things for us. They pay the majority of taxes for health care and government welfare which goes to the homeless blacks, whites, males, and females. We also invented what you’re using to spread the false rumor that white men don’t help society. Shall I point out that your freedom came from white men? Apologies, but we’ve done a lot for you, and freeing the slaves was one of those things, so please, have others help too.

  4. I’m a white male and I have never and will never assault anyone, sexually or otherwise. So you just keep being racist and spreading hate.

  5. If 57% of all perpetrators are white, as you report, and 73% of the population is white, this race actually commits the lowest percent of sexual assaults.

    • 73% of the population is white, 61% if you exclude hispanics.
      White men make up about half of this percentage, so white males are about 30% of the population accounting for 60% of sexual assault and rape.

  6. If white make up 80% of the population, but only 57% of sex crimes, it would seem they are less likely than other races to commit those crimes. Sounds very similar to the fact that black males make up only 6% of the US population, but 40% of all violent crimes.

  7. Agree with Vinny, this issue has nothing to do with skin color, and characterizing as such just distracts from focusing on the solutions.

  8. Charlotte 5 should recognize what it is- a light daily newsletter alerting its readers to new bars and restaurants and social events and occasionally discussing eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. Don’t wade into identity politics. Leave that to actual journalists. I’m guessing you’ll quickly lose readers if you have to get hit over the head about your race and sex when all you want is to know where the social functions are happening this week.

  9. The kid that wrote this obviously thought that some of his liberal hero’s would pick up this story and he’d grab some publicity. But as with most liberals, he doesn’t use facts. He’s trying to narrative it up. The Charlotte Observer is trash and nothing but MSNBC in paper/digital form.

  10. Sean Clark-Weis

    I’ve never heard of a guy with a hyphenated name like that. Only women’s libbers. Are you saying that Clark is your maiden name and Weis is your married name?

    • Doug… oh poor poor Doug.

      This is an article about sexual assault and its perpetrators. All you took from this entire piece is that the male author must be a women’s libber because he has a hyphenated last name? You genuinely have no idea how that’s possible?

      I award you no points. And may God have mercy on your soul.

      • Poor Sad Gilmore,

        Yes, the author is the problem with such a foolish and hate filled article. It also figures that the author is a left leaning women’s lib lover, most likely gay with some last name abbreviation like that.

        You are going to split hell wide open, so May God have living mercy on your lying soul.

        • Monica, it often happens that accounts are hijacked by miscreants who wish to portray the writer as a vicious, fundamentalist bigot. This seems to have happened here. I recommend that you get good security software. No one should want to be publicly shamed by such a post.

  11. What a lazy story. You forgot to include how all white men are serial killers and how the solution lies in your soft little white hands.

    Sexual Harrassment is a power problem not a race problem.

    Great story bro.

  12. Sexual assault is not just done by whites. And it is not something white men need to “own”…. it is something sexual assaulters need to “own”

    The only one who needs to own something here is you. You need to own the fact that, Sean, you’re a racist piece of garbage. I hope this is the end of your journalism “career”

  13. This article it total trash – if anything, just adds to the narrative of media bias. The “facts” being used to quantify the percentage of race perpetrators are from 1997 and “whites” includes Asians and Hispanics it appears. On top of that, if you look at the percentage of american males by race, you’ll see there are less instances of assault per capita than other races. Really interested to know who approves stories like these to be posted? Who let a “videographer” think this was a good/accurate article to post? The story should be about men, not about “white men.” Articles such as these create deeper divides.

  14. I couldn’t agree with Vinny more. To make this a race issue is lazy reporting. Look into the facts and stats you are using…and don’t use the facts to help convey your bias on the topic. This is a male issue.. why would a C5 writer turn this into an issue about race? Of course it is an issue with White males, as well as black and Latino males etc. Any male that commits sexual harassment has an issue….. It frustrates me that you would call out White males that this is “our” problem, which plays into racial profiling. Like other non-white males don’t have to be concerned or help fix this issue that is prevalent in our society? That it’s ok for them to keep their ways, but not White people? White males have to fix it? White males don’t own this issue, all males do. This is some next-level bad reporting. Shape up C5.

  15. At least the white males are with white females only the way it is supposed to be.

    Now we see Peppers has 2 kids with a white model.

    Do black males only love white pussy?
    Is there a problem with black pussy?

    Black males kill white females after beating the hell out of them.

    Latest in Lake City UT 2 weeks ago with former NFL signee CFL player who pulled a Simpson
    and slit her throat.


    OJ Simpson loose and banned from Vegas now.

  16. Mr. Clark-Weis’s journalism degree clearly did not provide him enough opportunities in statistics or math to overlook such a glaring flaw of his article. Simply appalling to overlook such a basic concept. I have provided a link below to CPCC’s MAT 151 course. Upon completion he should “be able to use appropriate technology to describe important characteristics of a data set, draw inferences about a population from sample data, and interpret and communicate results.”


    The smallest amount of research would have led him to the realization that white people make up about 76% of the US population. If you exclude the “White, Hispanic & Latino” population, the white population is approximately 61% in the US.

    I am no math expert, but this next concept is not that difficult to understand. If 57% of all sexual assault offenses were committed by a white person, then per capita, white people are actually less likely to commit a sexual assault. #maths

    Also, cool source from Feb 1997, bro. Stay relevant, bro.


    Triggered White Male

    • Dear Triggered,

      Math can be hard. This math, however, is not. 61% (ish) of the US population is white. But there are women… a whole bunch of them actually. So, actually, the 57% of assaults committed is higher per capita for white males (even not triggered ones).

      But it’s more than that… it’s the number of white males in POWER and in government that could do something to change this for all the POS men of all races that commit these crimes and abuses.

      Here’s to hoping we improve going forward.

      • Higher for males compared to females, yes.

        I believe you overlooked an important line in the article above. Article states “According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) and the Bureau of Justice, 57 percent of all sexual violence perpetrators are white and 99 percent are male.”

        The 99% male perpetrator stat also applies to non-white races. It’s a man problem, not just a white man problem.

  17. Wow, what a RACIST headline.
    Replace the word ‘white’ with any other race and people would be burning the Observer Editorial staff in effigy.

  18. Look at all the white men upset at being called out for their bs. The author is correct and this is based solely on the reported numbers. The amount of assault that goes unreported would displace greater cause for concern. You guys make this a political issue, but wrong is wrong.

    Moreover, look to the swimmer from Stanford who sexually assaulted a young lady in public, while she was drunk. He got a slap on the wrist. That’s why women choose to remain quiet.

    You guys crying foul when people call you on your issues is hypocrisy at its height.

    • According to someone who would probably lose their damn mind if their race/gender was even hinted at in any sort of article title in any slightly negative way.

      Just because it isn’t about your race or gender doesn’t make it not racist or hate speech.

    • Maybe so, but never forget that virtually every modern convenience you enjoy on a daily basis was invented, created, and built by white men. You’re welcome.

    • Another Cam Newton thug loving racist. We will pray for your sorry, lying soul. You burning in Hell for eternity won’t be as hilarious as this.

  19. The Charlotte Five bunch is nothing but 20 something millennial Epicenter lovers that don’t know a damn thing about anything. Charlotte Observer loves this because they are all naive liberal city dwellers that don’t realize the country around them is bigger than they are, and the views of the people surrounding them are not theirs. So, guess who is the real majority? Well, don’t ask Hillary.

    • Monica, you accused the author of being gay — as though it’s some sort of insult, which, where did you buy your time machine? May I suggest your next trip is to stick around in 2017 a little more, where most reasonable folks don’t act like bigoted, soulless monsters? It’s quite nice.

      HOWEVER, as perplexed as I was about your insult, this comment got that all figured out for me. You, ma’am, are hot for Hillary. You got feelings for that woman that get you all sorts of riled inside. She is the straw that stirs your drink! And maybe that scares you, maybe you spent all that time hating gay folk that now, when you break into a hot sweat thinking about your lovely Hill, and now you don’t know what to do? You’re angry and confused, and of course aroused, and that’s why I want to tell you I understand.

      We’ve all had crushes before. People who we can’t stop thinking about, can’t stop talking about, can’t stop referencing. You can confide in me — yes, we even dream about them. It’s totally normal. Gay or straight or furry or otherwise. We’re here for you Monica. If you need help, if you need advice, if you just need a shoulder to cry on on those nights when you ache for HRC more than others — we will be there.

      So please, I’m holding my hand out. Embrace your love. Shout it from the mountains! Maybe then she’ll hear you and come running.

      • Hello Andy. So proud of your liberal effort. May be time to rest now after all that mess. I’ll try to respond one by one. So, first, the time machine is something I just got from your Mother’s Clinton Collection, where 2017 sucks for them, and all of you are are still mad as hell your blonde Kim Jong Un pant suit granny lost like a _______.

        I am about as hot for Hillary as Hell is hot for her, and all the rest of you. You just don’t know it yet. Get out of your SouthEnd millennial hellhole and you’ll see that your opinion isn’t much further than these horrible city limits, and of course the trashy and condemned fake news channels such as CNN and MSNBC.

        Your hand will burn in hell as will the rest of you. Don’t hold it out for me. Embrace your sickness, your anti-American, and anti-Christian life. Shout it from the gutters of the crime ridden city. May now, you can go on and split Hell wide open, which you will eventually do. You just wait! We’ll pray for you and your demons. Now get the hell back down in your millennial hell and keep on hating all that is right.

          • Agreed! I’m a caucasian male. I never assaulted any women and never will rape them or hurt them. But I’m included?

        • “I am about as hot for Hillary as Hell is hot for her, and all the rest of you.“

          The first step is admitting your crush. I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to open yourself up and tell us all your true feelings. And I have good news! Here is 2017, we embrace that love. We cherish that love. We, like Jesus taught, love everyone — no matter what kind of package they come in. Even your sad, bitter, hateful, scared box with an angry bow.

          I welcome you with open arms Monica, won’t you give me a hug?

  20. Monica,

    You appear to be triggered. I will reach out to the Charlotte 5 staff and see if they can put a trigger warning on future articles for you.

    Also, I’m not a math major but 65,844,610 is greater than 62,979,636. But, don’t let my facts get in the way of your ranting.


    • Mo, your triggers are stuck. And you sure as hell don’t know anything about an NRA convention. If you did, maybe you wouldn’t be spouting such hateful trash.

      Charlotte Five is what they are, and that’s all I stated. You’re right: You sure as hell aren’t a math major, and try looking into real facts, you anti-American sore loser!

      Now get your mo back down to the pits of hell and stop talking about things you know nothing about.

    • He PREVIOUSLY worked as a sports/news reporter and anchor at TV stations in Missouri, Texas, and Indiana, and as a journalism teacher at Charlotte Latin School.

      Reading is damn hard sometimes I guess.

      • You have about as many triggers as a damn Charlotte Christmas show, you cheap liar. These millennials writing this garbage will not amount to much, as will you just reeling over and over from an election you and your sorry ilk could never win. Just so you don’t have a G.D. heart attack next Presidential election, don’t trust a bunch of sh___y CNN and Charlotte Observer polls that lie to you about what most of the country believes.

  21. Dear Happy….Take a math class. If men account for 99% of the sexual assaults, let’s round up to 100% and assume women don’t account for any. If 78% of the population is white, then approximately 78% of the male population is white. Once again don’t try to prove your point by twisting statistics.

    • ^Wow. Thanks for making this comment. If anyone needs to see what racism and sexism against white males looks like, it is Greg Dolphin’s comment.

      Now try to advocate sexual violence for the entirety of any other group of people, regardless of whether or not each individual person is guilty of something. See how that goes.

      In the meantime, why don’t you white male haters go do the world a favor and castrate yourselves?

  22. Wow. This is what raw hatred against a group of people based on nothing but indelible characteristics looks like.

    Would you ever advocate sexual mutilation of an entire group of people, just because a handful of them are guilty of sex crimes?

    Why don’t you and all the white male haters out there do the world a favor and castrate yourselves?

  23. What a complete piece of trash article…and that’s a mighty broad brush you’re painting with, C5. Congratulations on your clicks.

  24. I find it problematic to bring race into the picture. Not because I am in any way defensive for being white – on the contrary, I have no doubt that my race accords me privileges and I notice it daily in my work – visiting developing countries and finding that what I say has authority before I start earning it. In other words, deserved or not – we can handle a bit of criticism and responsibility. But because it unintentionally makes it acceptable to shoot back by looking at crime statistics and finding that blacks, Hispanics, and (in Europe) Moslem migrants are disproportionately more likely to commit, or at least be charged and convicted. As this divergence dwindles if you control for factors such as socio-economic status and age, that is thinly veiled racism.

    I also find the sexism problematic. By any metric, we underestimate and radically underserve male victims and female perpetrators. I find it befuddling that we are not using the momentum of outcries against sexual assault, harrassment, or even only disrespectful behavior to look at all victims. Anything else is counterproductive: it drives non-traditional victims further into the shadows, and risks triggering a right wing, self-righteous backlash that undermines the credibility of victims that come forward. In fact, a few but vocal and visible black sheep accuse male victims coming forward as derailing and encourage them to check their privilege. For all my oodles of white privilege, does anyone seriously think my gender helps me in getting justice if I am a victim of sexual assault? And how on earth can we reasonably expect THEM to publicly embrace guilt? In fact, THEY need feminism more than most: because of our gender roles, almost all people that have spoken out with credibility on the plight of male victims are (mostly self-identifying feminist) women.

    I am actually not trying to make a point as much as seriously asking what I am missing?

  25. Obviously the author is not particularly good at math. White men make up 69% of the male population yet only account for 57% of the perpetrators. Therefore the non-white population is accounting for a much greater percentage of the harassment than the white population. I stopped reading at the second paragraph!

    And now to figure out how to get off the Charlotte 5 subscription!

  26. This was a great read. Thanks Sean. While this is about men ofball races, its interesting how white males, particularly ones of a certain age/generation, have a different kind of outlook on the world that comes with a greater sense of entitlement and audacity than rest of us men. Thats being reflected in the assault cases that have been coming out

  27. Typically when someone writes something like “Fellow white males”.. it is almost always a Jewish writter ducking into his “white person” role to lend credence to his crap.
    First paragraph showes his colors of decpetion. He claims 59% of all assaults are whites males when Whites are 65% of the population. Which means whites are commiting less than their share of the population suggests.
    He is no more than a race baiter. When I looked, I could not find one article on the Black crime rate?
    Another Anti-White fronting his stuff.

  28. I’ve been sexually assaulted by multiple women and homosexual men as well. Seems to me throwing racism and sexism at it won’t help much.


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