8 things you need to know about Cotswold’s new spot, The Improper Pig


The Improper Pig is a new restaurant that just opened on Saturday in Cotswold Village shopping center. Currently they’re open for dinner only (lunch coming soon) from 5pm-10pm (Sun-Wed) and 5pm-11pm (Thur-Sat). Enjoy this food tweet (fweet) and then checkout the 8 things you need to know below.

(1) They’re into the wok. Likely to have noodle bowl nights. Crazy, but I like it. Side note: I got a wok as a wedding gift and I’ve used the heck out of it for stir fry. Makes me feel cool and reminds me of Panda Express (my guilty pleasure). Check their wok and wok flame.


(2) Bar area is cool and cozy. Draft beers? Check. Might get crowded on weekends.


(3) Name comes from the fact that they are doing “improper” things with bbq/pig. Love it. Great name and they nailed it with the logo. Animals with monocles are cool – I’ll buy a shirt w/logo if it’s soft and under $20. Don’t know if they have shirts, didn’t ask.


(4) Fun fact: some tables are made out of a white oak tree that had fallen down in Asheville. Extremely heavy wood.


(5) They have a cornucopia of sauces. Did you enjoy my use of the word cornucopia? I think it’s an underused word. If I’m not using it correctly, I mean to say – they have a lot of sauces and a wide variety of sauces. Thai sauce next to mustard sauce next to red hot sauce. That’s just improper.


(6) Their Chef’s table area seats 7 and allows you can watch food prep. I love restaurants that do this. If you’re a bad date, sit here so that your date can watch the chef instead of listen to you.


(7) Your bill comes on a branded piece of wood. Love touches like this. They also brand their customers that are unruly (not true).


(8) The brisket and wings are the most raved about items. Checkout the menu below. I know, I know – it’s not large enough on the site and you can’t see it well. Stop complaining and go buy a monocle.



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