With the addition of many new restaurants this year, and ones that we are anxiously awaiting to open, Lake Norman has become a food lover’s dream destination. From authentic Neopolitan pizza to famed milk bread, from ramen to mac and cheese, there is something for everyone in Lake Norman. In honor of our changing culinary landscape, we offer a rundown of some of the restaurants that are making the lake a foodie destination. 

Aliño Pizzeria 

Aliño Pizzeria serves authentic Neopolitan-style pizza cooked in wood-fired ovens with heat above 800 degrees to cook your pizza in less than 90 seconds.​ With most of their ingredients imported from Italy, Aliño has become a go-to place for pizza lovers, families, and date nights. Order your pizza, sit at a community-style table, and order a glass of wine or even a bottle. When your pizza arrive­try the Sorrento pizza with pepperoni, San Marzano tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, basil, and garlic—take your first bite and you’ll feel you’ve been transported to Italy, without ever having to leave Mooresville. 

500 S. Main St., Mooresville


With the mantra “family first,” Kindred is a restaurant that promises to serve an exceptional meal for any occasion. Although known for their milk bread, delicious cocktails, and unique dishes such as Squid Ink Conchiglie, Kindred can also turn pickles and cheese into a culinary adventure. Owners Joe and Katy Kindred have cultivated a network of local, regional, and national artisans and purveyors to source quality ingredients for their food and beverage programs. 

131 N. Main St., Davidson


Fork! is the brainchild of chef Tim Groody and his wife and partner, Melanie. Tim’s focus is on creating dishes using only the freshest seasonal ingredients from local farmers and farmer’s markets. The menu changes daily, which means diners can expect a different experience each visit. From fresh seafood to seasonal vegetable dishes to their famous Goat Cheese Mac and Cheese, each dish is made with care and precision. Perfect for special occasions, a night out, or dinner with friends, Fork! is also known for Melanie’s inventive cocktails. 

20517 N. Main St., Cornelius

Pickled Peach 

Offering a changing menu of sandwiches, soups, and salads, the Pickled Peach is a gem on Main Street. Open for lunch and dinner, the Pickled Peach focuses on homemade goodness and the freshest ingredients. The soups are made fresh daily, the meats used are roasted in-house, and their vegetables are sourced from local farmers. Order a sandwich and sit outside and watch people and college students walk byand don’t forget to buy one of their homemade cookies on your way out. 

202 S. Main St., Davidson 

Two Scoops

There was much rejoicing earlier this summer when Two Scoops Creamery opened their first location in the Lake Norman area. With a more modern feel in the interior than the Plaza Midwood location, the Mooresville location features such fan-favorite flavors as Cookie Monster, Cookies by the Sea, and more than 60 others for patrons to choose from depending on your sugary preference. 

807 Williamson Road, Mooresville

Pisces Sushi Bar & Lounge

Sushi, cocktails, and an $11 all-you-can-eat lunch menu have made Pisces Sushi Bar & Lounge a popular destination at all times of the day. Known for the quality of their seafood (sourced from fish markets located in Japan and New York), Pisces is also a destination for after-work cocktails. Try the Fiery Samurai, made with tequila and jalapeños. 

591-A River Hwy., Mooresville. 

Ramen Soul 

The Groodys are at it again. Not satisfied with just one restaurant (the aforementioned Fork!), they opened their second restaurant, Ramen Soul, earlier this summer. Serving ramen soup, rice noodle rolls, spring rolls, dumplings, and dim sum with a Chef Groody twist, Ramen Soul has become a must-go location for comfort food. 

694 Brawley School Road, Mooresville

Photos: Lake Norman Magazine

This article first appeared in Lake Norman Magazine.


  1. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, it’s exciting to see what’s coming next in the area! Especially after spending so many years with no where to eat unless you felt like driving a ways. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next ten years.

  2. Harp and Crown was a pleasant surprise.. but we need a heck of a lot more restaurants around here for the amount of people that live here. The fact that there are only two restaurants to choose from on Lake Norman from Huntersville to Davidson is insane. Once Hello Sailor opens they’ll have a whopping three to choose from unless you go all the way to Mooresville and two out of the three of them are seafood restaurants. Not to mention we’re four hours from the coast so I’m not sure why everything seems to be seafood.