(1) 7th Street Market has a mission. That’s cool. Their mission is to “celebrate the food culture of the Carolinas and promote local and regional farmers, food artisans, and entrepreneurs. The Market helps mitigate food deserts in surrounding neighborhoods addressing access, health & food education, and cost.”

7th street market uptown charlotte

(2) 7th Street Market has real food. Jen ordered the Grilled Cheese from Orman’s Cheese shop. I was kinda thinking – what are you 8 years old? But it looked awesome and she destroyed it (I’m ordering it next time). I order the lunch special Pepperoni Pizza from Pure Pizza. Delightful.

pizza-and-grilled-cheese 7th street market

(3) 7th Street Market has a legitimate coffee shop vibe. And, the coffee/tea to back it up. The tea from Charlotte Tea & Spice came with one of those fancy french press thingies and my coffee from Not Just Coffee came from a barista that was dead serious.

tea at 7th street market charlotte

(4) 7th Street Market has wifi.

(5) 7th Street Market often has cool and free events. My favorite type of events. Examples include cooking classes and yoga.

(6) 7th Street Market has passionate foodie fans.

(7) 7th Street Market has a cool outside area to drink coffee or beer or juice or milk (if arctic weather ever ends).

outside 7th street market