Alright ladies now let’s get into formation!

Charlotte is definitely living up to it’s nickname, ‘the Queen City,’ because the town is booming with girl power. Many women-run boutiques have popped up in the last couple of years, which is showing the community just how important lady bosses are and how hard work actually does pay off.

These business owners are not only women, but they are hustlers, entrepreneurs and marketers. They know how to start from nothing and still create something incredible. They also know how to attract the right audience. The lady boss Millennial demographic in Charlotte is showcasing that women can do anything they set their mind to with a little patience and creativity. If you’re inspired by girl power, here are a few boutiques you have to check out:

Pink Social

220 East Blvd., Suite 200B

This girl tribe is absolutely killing it with their brand and we can’t get enough! Founded by Carrie Barker and Sarah Baucom, Pink Social is known for their uplifting and inspirational merchandise that informs their customers that lady friendships are the most important. With their passion for empowering women, Pink Social formed the Pink Social Girl Tribe group on Facebook, which is an online community that features over 6,500 women worldwide who also believe in the same message.

Petal Boutique

1315 East Blvd., Suite 180

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Launched in 2008, Petal’s mission is to give the women of Charlotte an opportunity to feel like a queen whenever you enter the store. Not only is it located in the Dilworth community, but Petal also owns a spot in Columbia, so more women can get Southern hospitality and girl power all in one.

Ivy and Leo

Uptown: 100 N Tryon St.
SouthPark: 6401 Morrison Blvd.

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Launched in 2009, Ivy and Leo was created to bring the Charlotte area “cute, chic, and trendy clothes for a fraction of the cost of nearby boutiques,” according to their website. Located in Uptown Charlotte, the retail and online store is a family-owned business which has expanded into areas such as Columbia, SouthPark, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Raleigh and Myrtle Beach. The boutique provides affordable attire for all young women to enjoy.

Makaila James Boutique

Based in the Carolinas, Makaila James serves as an online boutique for the “hard-working #girlbosses and haute mamas,” according to the boutique’s Instagram bio. The small business was created to inspire career women and mothers to look stylish while completing daily tasks in their busy lives. Makaila James offers boho and tropical styles for any woman to feel confident while doing what they love.

Murph Boutique

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Named after owner Samantha Busch’s inspirational grandmother, Murph Boutique lives off of the message that confidence is important and that “when a woman looks her best and loves her clothing, shoes, and jewelry, she not only feels, but also exudes the confidence she needs to take on any challenge,” according to their website. Based in the Charlotte area, the online boutique offers clothing that makes any woman look and feel her best. The business launched January 2017, and let’s just say that these ladies know what they’re doing.

Firefly Boutique

10012 Benfield Rd., #303

Firefly Boutique’s mission is to empower and uplift women through their affordable and trendy styles. The owners of this boutique want every single woman of any size and age to feel confident and to love themselves no matter what through their large selection of fashion. We can’t get over the amount of empowerment that radiates through this business!

Traveling Chic Boutique

2906 Selwyn Ave.

There is so much girl power at this place. Traveling Chic Boutique’s mission is to provide designer fashion at affordable prices. Not only is the small franchise located in Charlotte, but you can find TCB in cities such as Asheville, Greenville, Richmond and Hilton Head. While shopping at this store, customers find that their clothes are not only incredibly trendy, but that they are also able to showcase someone’s unique style.

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  1. You missed an amazing Girl Power boutique run by Charlotte natives. Blis (in Founders Hall) is a charming gift shop run by a breast cancer survivor and her daughter that supports many local causes as well.