It’s Friday the 13th. Feeling superstitious? Or just a little stitious?


Here are 5 suggestions for how to approach this day, based on your level of superstition:

(1) Superstition level: Nonexistent

This describes you if: (a) You woke up and made no connection between the fact that it’s simultaneously Friday and Oct. 13, or (b) you woke up, made that connection and internally shrugged.

Your approach: Step on cracks in the sidewalk en route to the office, read tarot cards and walk under that ladder that a maintenance staff member left behind. Maybe even get a $20 tattoo at Brut Tattoo on Monroe Road, while the Friday the 13th discount is hot.

What could possibly go wrong?

(2) Superstition level: Mild

This describes you if: You sipped your coffee while considering the fact that it’s Oct. 13 and this won’t REALLY change your plans — but you’re not planning to walk under any ladders today.

Your approach: Perhaps you avoid mirrors, too. Sit a little farther away from mirrored restaurant decor at lunch — like that elegant mirror wall at ROOTS Cafe. While you’re at it, don’t practice directly in front of the mirror at the yoga studio, either. You never know when a handstand hop can get out of control. Or if mirrors really do hold pieces of your soul.

Play it safe.

(3) Superstition level: Medium

This describes you if: You’ve been a little uneasy about this day ever since you realized it was coming. Friday the 13th carries a stigma in our culture, so you entertain its influences as a possibility (you’re not alone).

Your approach: Stay busy to nudge any negative thoughts aside. Maybe you shop it off tonight with Queen City Makers at Aerial CLT from 6-10 p.m. There will be a magician performance, plus more than 30 vendors including, bakers, artists and makers.

(4) Superstition level: High

This describes you if: You will absolutely not cross a black cat’s path on this day. It’s likely this superstition originated with the idea that witches had animal familiars in the form of domestic cats.

Your approach: Avoid jogging through your neighborhood today, as black cat decorations are omnipresent among tacky Halloween inflatables and spooky fabric ghosts and ghouls. You might even consider stepping it up a notch and avoid all CATS bus routes.

Deep breath.

(5) Superstition level: Can’t cope

This describes you if: You are so convinced that nothing good will come of this day that you refuse to make plans to do anything. Good news! There’s a word for that: paraskevidekatriaphobia, or fear of Friday the 13th.

Your approach: Avoid 13th floors of buildings, the 13th step on any stairwell, 13th Street in Charlotte (tragically close to Birdsong Brewing).

It’s going to be a long day.

Photo: Katie Toussaint