5 things to know about your wedding cake

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As the owner of The Icing & The Cake, Brandy Stimac is dedicated to creating the wedding cakes of couples’ dreams.

Customers can visit Stimac in her custom designer cake studio, where she provides comprehensive design processes, but she encourages anyone who is shopping for wedding cakes to be aware of a few things before requesting a consultation.

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Here are 5 things to know about your wedding cake.

(1) Your cake is not “just cake”

“You hear time and time again that it’s ‘just cake,’ and they shouldn’t cost as much as they do,” Stimac said. “Creating cakes takes a lot of labor and love. We spend 12-15 hour days prior to the wedding date baking, creating fillings and icings, filling and icing the cakes, cleaning and finally decorating the cakes.”

The cost of your cake depends on the type of cake, filling, icing, decor and design. The more intricate the design, the longer it takes to create, and therefore will cost more. Stimac encourages customers to arrive at their consultation with a budget in mind—and if they’re on a tight budget, to see if the design they’re looking for can be simplified.

(2) Allow your baker time to create the cake of your dreams

Give your baker plenty of time to prepare and gather supplies needed for your cake.

“Edible works of art take time to create,” Stimac said. “One sugar flower can take an hour. Intricate piping takes several hours.”

Stimac suggests booking your cake six to nine months in advance to ensure that the baker you want and the design you are dreaming of can be created.

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(3) Fondant and buttercream are different

Ask your baker if your intended cake design would be better with fondant or buttercream. Some designs will only work using fondant, such as hand-painted details and quilted patterns.

By using buttercream, you can create cool textures, like a scalloped or fluted texture. Also, cakes made with buttercream will be less expensive and can incorporate fresh or artificial flowers.

(4) Be open to different flavors

If you choose to go with a traditional, simple-looking wedding cake, keep in mind that your cake flavor doesn’t have to remain simple, too.

“I have done several cakes with raspberry champagne, red velvet, chocolate, key lime, almond, lemon—you name it,” Stimac said. “With tiered cake, you can do several flavors. If you’re worried about leftovers, usually the more flavors you have, the more everyone will want to try.”

(5) Pinterest cakes can be very deceiving

The wedding cakes that people go crazy over on Pinterest almost always end up being over customers’ budgets.

“Keep in mind when scrolling online that you may be looking at a real cake or one only created for a styled shoot,” Stimac said. “Styled shoots are created for inspiration and to give you ideas to incorporate into your own wedding or event.”

Not all of the beautiful wedding cake examples and table set-ups found online are practical for every event. For example, a four-tiered wedding cake that serves 250 people is not going to be stable on a tall, skinny pedestal cake stand.

Photo credit: Studio Heather Marie

Another thing to keep in mind is that every cake artist designs wedding cakes differently and in their own style.

“They all want to make you a unique cake and not recreate another artist’s design,” Stimac said. “So when you bring a photo in, do not expect your cake to look exactly like it.”

To get an idea of what type of cakes your cake artist creates, do some research to get a feel for the type of designer they are.

The Icing & The Cake’s studio hours are by appointment only. You can request a consultation to visit Stimac in her custom designer cake studio on the shop’s website.


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