This is what happens when 5 tenor saxophone players walk into a room


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I know, I know. If you had a $1 for every time you heard that line. But this time it’s true!

Starting Thursday, Jan. 17 through Saturday, Jan. 19, five of the top saxophonists in the region will gather at The Stage Door Theatre and throw down. Here’s exactly what happens with five tenor saxophone players walk into a room.

Talent explosion

Typically one jazz group includes only one saxophonist, but you are in for a treat when not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE talented musicians from the Carolinas and beyond playing the same instrument jam out together. From smooth and soulful to upbeat and swinging, this group will take the audience on an adventurous musical tour with tributes to Branford Marsalis, Wayne Shorter, Joe Henderson, Sonny Rolins and North Carolina born John Coltrane.

Incredible line up

These five saxophonists were chosen based on what they could bring to the table, um, jazz stage. We’re talking solos, duos, trios and sometimes as one monotonous harmonious group — oh my! The unique line up includes Chad Eby, David Lail, Annalise Stalls, Juan Rollan and Phillip Whack. Got to give a shout out to the rhythm section with Lovell Bradford, Aaron Gross and Malcolm Charles.

The Jazz Room has featured other instrument get togethers in the past including a weekend of trumpet and piano players. Extra, extra! Brian Miller will join the group over the weekend for a total of SIX saxophone players. We say wow!

A fun (and affordable) evening out

The Jazz Room is an intimate venue where it is impossible (yes, impossible — we’ve tried) to get a bad seat. This is the perfect place to wow your SO, first date, friends or date night out partner. The jazz is hot, and the drinks are cool. Speaking of drinks, The Jazz Room has a bar right inside so you can sip on something as smooth as the jazz tunes.

This show also features a Thursday performance, so if you are into getting your Friday eve off to a great start (and really, who isn’t?), this is the perfect place to start.

Plus with tickets starting at only $14 each, you can save a little cash for dinner before or dessert after. If you really want to set the mood, go for the cabaret tables located down front — you get a great view and drink tickets. Score!

Really, let’s face it, there is only one way to find out exactly what happens when five tenor saxophonist walk into a room. Be there to find out.

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