So far this week, we’ve counted down our favorite stories and our most-read stories of 2016. Now it’s time to stir the pot with the five stories that got people talking in 2016. These are the ones that prompted the most comments, emails and social media chatter over the year. The ones that people had strong feelings about — strong feelings they wanted to make sure we heard. Oh, we heard them.

And yes, we’re definitely bringing up babies and dogs in breweries again.

Dear Trump supporters, please help. Signed, a Charlotte liberal.

Sarah wrote this story right after the election. She wanted to understand how Trump had won the White House, so she reached out to his supporters. As with any political discussion, this could have gotten really ugly. But the conversation in the comments and the emails Sarah received were largely civil, believe it or not. This was also our most commented-on story of 2016. You can read Sarah’s follow-up story here.


The struggle to rent in Charlotte is real.

Claire’s short story about her struggles to find housing garnered a lot of views and a solid number of comments and emails. Some were from realtors, wanting to reach out to her and help her find a place (always be closing) and others could identify with her struggle to find a place that was the right size and the right price.


Do babies and dogs belong at Charlotte breweries?

corey inscoe

This story Corey wrote back in March came out before we added comments to stories, but we can only imagine the comments it would have gotten based on the social media chatter we saw. Who knew babies and dogs were so controversial? We believe both babies and dogs should be allowed at any brewery — as long as someone is watching them.

Popular places in Charlotte have the worst parking lots.


Parking lot stories always get people fired up. There’s a reason we’ve written about them many times in the past. Katie got a loooooot of email from this one, in which she ranted about the parking lots at Central Coffee, Berrybrook Farms, Whole Foods and more.

A sample: The scenario: You squeeze yourself into this lot that was clearly only designed for seven cars and someone boxes you in. You awkwardly hunt down the coffee drinker who did this to you and beg them to move their car. (Based on true life events.)”

Elevation Church is kind of unsettling and kind of beautiful.


Writing about religion is always gonna spur some response, but especially so when it involves Elevation Church. A lot of people really love the place, others can’t see past the lack of transparency and Pastor Steven Furtick’s big house in Union County. Katie went into this story simply wanting to experience an Elevation worship service and to write about what she saw, and we think she pulled it off.