5 jobs with openings: college instructor, truck driver, furniture, elderly and youth. Apply here


The Panthers aren’t the only outfit in town with a 5-0 record. Here’s a winning 5-0 lineup of career opportunities that need filling: physical therapy instructor, truck driver, furniture consultant, CFO, social worker and more. Touchdown! (Sorry, we’ve got Panthers fever.)

Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute

CCC&TI, meet you. You, meet CCC&TI. We think you two have a lot in common. Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute has a beautiful campus teeming with instructors dedicated to innovative education excellence.

We know you aren’t bad looking yourself, and if you’re tops in your field of physical therapy, we might have a match. We think this is the beginning of a beautiful career. Apply here. Schneider National Everyone knows you make world’s fastest coffee and doughnut run, but you should check out Schneider National’s stats. They have more than 17,785 associates worldwide with annual revenue of $3.9 billion. Founded in 1935 they boast a safety record of 4,928 drivers with a million or more miles without an accident. Ready to join them? They have a spot waiting for you as a driver, mechanic, administrator or support tech — and all the coffee and doughnuts on the road you can handle. Apply here.

Baer’s Furniture

Do you get lightheaded over loveseats? Feel rejoice over recliners? Do pictures of sectionals (with accent rug, side table and lamp) dominate your Pinterest account?

We can tell you have a flair for décor, and you owe it to the world to share your keen furniture spotting abilities with those of us who don’t know an ottoman from a duvet (I think they were Roman). Baer’s Furniture offers full- and part-time positions, good pay and benefits. Apply here.

Aldersgate Aldersgate_01 Saving for retirement is important. Waiting until you are retired to enjoy a fabulous career at Aldersgate Continuing Care Retirement Community is almost as smart as trying to use your flex spending account for Cheerios and soda. Lucky for you, this beautiful facility with nice people has fantastic opportunities and is ready to take your next Monday from dreadful to delightful. Put your care skills to work as a CNA or therapist, keep things beautiful in maintenance, go to the next level as the CFO or help people discover this wonderful place as a retirement counselor. Apply here. The Bair Foundation We can hear it. Can you? It’s that voice saying you were born to do something extraordinary. Well this is an extraordinary calling. The Bair Foundation is a non-profit ministry that cares for and treats children, teens and families. With locations in nine states, the foundation’s mission is to provide Christ-centered quality care and services dedicated to the treatment, restoration and empowerment of children, youth and families.

If you are ready for the life-changing events that happen when you give your time and talents to those in need, then here is your next opportunity. Explore the possibilities as a therapist, social worker or director.  Apply here.


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