5 bucket-list items you could accomplish in the next 10 months


This post is brought to you in partnership with Gardner-Webb University. All opinions are our own.

Gardner-Webb University’s 10-month MBA program has been launched, which got us thinking: What are some bucket-list, must-do things that you can accomplish in only 10 months? We teamed up with the university to bring you our top five.

1. Get your MBA.

Of course, the first one has to be getting your master’s degree in Business Administration. Gardner-Webb’s new program packs all of the information of a full master’s degree program into just 10 months. Even better: It is competitively priced at $19,800. Graduates from MBA programs at Gardner-Webb have gone on to become healthcare administrators, CEOs, CFOs and more.

2. Travel to new places.

One of the top items on most people’s bucket lists is to travel more. Set a little bit of money aside from each paycheck and, in 10 months, you could have enough to visit that place you’ve been dreaming about. Have you always wanted to go to Ireland? England? New Zealand? Make 2019 the year that it happens.

3. Pay off debt.

Most of us have accumulated debt in some form or another. Debt may seem inescapable, but it can be paid off with discipline and by setting specific goals. One idea: Over the next 10 months, target a specific credit card or outstanding medical debt and save toward paying it off completely.

4. Make new friends.

Becoming closer to existing friends and expanding your friend circle is a common bucket-list item. Some tips for meeting new folks include heading to spots based on your hobbies and interests or using online apps like Reddit to find people who like the same activities you like.

5. Skydive.

OK, no bucket-list would be complete without at least one mention of skydiving. Luckily,  we live close to Skydive Carolina. Take a friend or partner to the Carolinas’ premiere skydiving locale and make the plunge.

Gardner-Webb University has put higher education within the grasp of working professionals. In just 10 months, you could have an MBA that makes you more attractive in the job market and gives you the tools you need to succeed. But as you can see, there are some other awesome ideas you can accomplish in 10 months. What will you do next?

Want to learn more about the 10-month MBA program and other educational options at Gardner-Webb University? Click here for more information.


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