Want to make those resolutions stick? Here’s 4 gyms to check out in Charlotte this year


Trying to start off the New Year getting healthier and fitter than you were yesterday? Many people start off the year this way, but it’s a much smaller group of people that stick with their fitness goals and transform resolutions into habits. Their routine may become monotonous, stale or they may simply lose motivation and stop finding the time to realize those resolutions.

Charlotte has many gyms and studios that will help you grow, move forward with your fitness goals and make you actually want to keeping coming back. Give them a try!

Here’s four to consider:

Fitness Together South Park

Since 1996, Fitness Together has been serving clients through their one-on-one personal training system.

Fitness Together will connect you with a personal trainer and a personalized workout plan in a private setting. Your specific plan will be tailored to your personal goals, whether you are looking to lose weight, tone or tighten your muscles, or just better your health in general.

It can be hard transforming your lifestyle, but the trainers at Fitness Together will help you get started, encourage you and challenge you to be your best throughout your fitness journey.

The first step at Fitness Together is a consultation so the trainers can get to know where you are and where you want to get. This is how the trainers will create a program based on your needs, possible injuries and possible limitations.

Trainers will then keep track of your progress and modify your program as needed. Fitness Together also offers a PACK program, which is an energetic group setting with two to four clients.

Hilliard Studio Method

Hilliard Studio Method concentrates on core strength, balance and resistance training to create change and results in clients’ bodies and minds. “Change doesn’t come in your comfort zone, it comes from your edge,” says Liz Hilliard, owner and creator of Hilliard Studio Method.

The method utilizes the foundations of both barre and Pilates and intensifies the workout through heavy weights and resistance, sculpting, toning and strengthening your entire body. With the revolutionary safe and effective movements, using weights, a ballet barre, resistance bands, stability balls and body weight, at Hilliard Studio Method, comes a total mind-body transformation.

This results-driven workout can help strengthen the spine, increase core strength, improve balance, improve posture, decrease back pain boost your mood and confidence and even improve bone density.

This high-energy and low-impact workout is great for any age and stage of life. Clients have described Hilliard Studio Method as “Pilates on steroids.” The community of women at Hilliard Studio Method empowers and inspires one another to become their most powerful selves.

Performance Unlimited

Performance Unlimited is redefining what a gym can be for its members. John Lytton — a former professional soccer player and sports scientist who has worked with organizations like the U.S. national soccer team, the Charlotte Independence and the Carolina Panthers — has created a first-of-its-kind vibe in the Charlotte fitness scene.

Using the same tools as large universities and professional sports teams, Performance Unlimited takes training to a new level by creating plans built on both intensity and recovery, as well as creating drills to build skills in six other aspects of life that Lytton says, “are the catalyst of any performance or appearance goal that you may have.”

“It’s not enough to just focus on a conditioning program or nutrition if you can’t manage your stresses and don’t feel supported in every other aspect of life,” he says. How you move and how you eat are just two of the seven pillars of Lytton’s program. How you sleep, manage stress, connect with yourself, connect with others and connect with nature are all a part of every detail in Performance Unlimited’s 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art training facility.

What sets this gym apart from the rest is that its flagship coaching program allows only 100 members and touts several high-profile clients that trust Performance as their primary source for health and wellness.

Oh yeah, it also has an organic garden, a full-time sports medicine physician, and some of the most progressive classes you will find anywhere. Take advantage of their new year promotion and get your first 30 days at 70 percent off, with no obligation afterward.  

Pure Barre

Pure Barre emphasizes small movements that produce immense results. Pure Barre offers a variety of classes for all fitness levels that focus on strength, cardio and flexibility. They offer unlimited monthly memberships.

Pure Barre’s latest class, Pure Reform, is a total-body workout that utilizes resistance training while shaping and defining your major muscle groups. This 50-minute class combines the much-loved, classic Pure Barre technique with more moves to expand strength, coordination and balance through the use of sliders, resistance bands and the barre.

Pure Empower is another ideal class choice. It blends work at the barre and interval training to integrate more cardio into your workout than a traditional Pure Barre class. In this 45-minute class, you will use ankle weights and plyometric platform to target several muscle groups.


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