The 3 kinds of people who benefit from using a laundry professional [Partner]


No matter who you are, it seems there’s always a laundry pile in your house. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a single person or a young couple, your shirts, towels and beloved sweatpants seem to be in a constant state of tangle on your washer and dryer — but not in the washer and dryer. That’s why 2ULaundry has laundry delivery services for a variety of people. Here are the three kinds of people who can benefit from someone else doing their laundry — and how 2ULaundry can help them get back to enjoying life and family.

Stay-at-home mom. It goes without saying that you have enough to worry about as a mom, and laundry takes up the bulk of your day when you have little ones or a household to run. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the average woman spends three times as much time doing laundry compared to men. In fact, only 22 percent of men reported doing housework, including laundry, compared to 50 percent of women. Imagine what you could do with that free time if laundry was in the care of someone else; perhaps you could actually take that nap instead of folding shirts while the kids take their own afternoon nap.


How 2ULaundry can help: When you join 2ULaundry, you’ll receive a garment bag to fill up and schedule your pickup online or via text. Your clothes will be washed, folded and delivered according to your custom cleaning preferences. The company handles hang drying, delicates, using hypoallergenic or scented detergent and sorting your clothes in one day. Keep that process up and you’ll banish that sad clean laundry pile from your house. And with flat rate pricing, you’ll know how much it’ll cost every time without surprises.

A single person. It’s 10 p.m. on a Friday night and you’re ready to hit the town; but your favorite dress is stuck in the purgatory that is your laundry pile WITH A STAIN ON IT. You could treat it yourself, but you risk ruining the fabric with your desperate, I-need-to-leave-the-house-now scrubbing. Don’t even bother looking through Bumble for a sexy stranger to meet tonight: your soiled sexy stranger costume is stuck at home.


How 2ULaundry can help: Instead of putting that dress in the pile hoping the stain will magically disappear, 2ULaundry will remove it with their unlimited selection of cleaning options. Whether it needs to be treated via dry cleaning or hang drying, they’ll make sure to restore your sexy stranger get up in no time.

A young couple. Too much Netflixing and chilling leads to discarded pajamas and no chance of laundry getting done that weekend. You’re too busy cuddling on the couch watching Barbarella and wondering how Jane Fonda could ever have thought this was a better film to do than the one she gave up (Bonnie and Clyde). It’s like a growing laundry monster is punishing you for enjoying a weekend of doing nothing.


How 2ULaundry can help: Put your clothes in the garment bag for pickup in the morning. From there, each of your clothing items is inspected before cleaning to see if there are any stains, rips or tears. Then the laundry experts wash and dry the clothes how you requested, are checked again and delivered back to you.

Ready to give your laundry over to the professionals and get your life back? For more information, call 2ULaundry at (704) 766-8730 or visit their website to become a member and schedule an appointment.


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  1. I agree that it would be really nice to have a laundry service available to wash my clothes for me as a single person. I feel like I am always trying to play catch-up at this stage of my life and having to wash laundry only adds to this feeling. I’ll have to research around my area to see if there is a cleaning service and how much it costs.

  2. It’s great that you elaborated on the different types of people that would benefit from a laundry service, there were a lot of great points. I would imagine a stay-at-home mom would benefit greatly from a laundry service, it saves her a lot of time and hassle and allows her to focus on he children. My sister has been looking into a laundry service, I will be sure to share these tips with her.

  3. I loved that you mentioned that even a couple sometimes forget to do the laundry. My husband and I are really busy with our jobs, and it is hard for us to do laundry even during our day off. I believe that a professional laundry service will help us to do our things without having to worry about laundry.


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