3 days, 54 hours, 9 businesses birthed at Charlotte Startup Weekend


The Story

This past weekend marked the 7th annual Charlotte Startup Weekend, where innovators pitched their business ideas and peers voted on their favorites. Small teams then formed to create business plans out of the best ideas and then pitched those plans to entrepreneurial leaders.

About 100 participated at the UNC Charlotte Center City Building. It became clear that the creative types — developers, graphic artists, etc. – ruled the day. Hear are some of the more interesting ideas, as told by the Charlotte Observer Shoptalk’s Jonathan McFadden:

NormBreaker: A mobile app that “challenges you to break social norms for fun to make face-to-face connections.” Examples: brushing your teeth in public; randomly bursting into song; sitting beside a stranger who clearly has no interest in your company; starting a conga line.

Holo Baby: Pioneering a pair of glasses that allow expectant parents to see 3D holograms of their unborn baby.

REup: A crowdsourcing service to help with real-estate development.

Pantrea: A healthy meals planning service that creates menus for specific diets and helps avoid food waste.

SpeakUp: A collaborative tool to give presenters, lecturers or speakers real-time feedback on their presentations.

Dress Share: An online wardrobe-sharing service that, in the founder’s words, will cut down on complaints from women about having nothing to wear for a night out or any other occasion.

Book of Business: Online service pairing people selling their businesses with buyers that match your business goals and preferences.

ProductCupid: A veritable Match.com for finding the products you love.

FlatStats: Helps potential, would-be tenants learn more about the spots they plan to rent and the amount of energy they use.

Photo: John D. Simmons / Charlotte Observer


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