Last year she won C5’s Most Eligible Bachelorette. Now she’s engaged

When we hosted our Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette event last December, we didn’t know that we would receive an email less than a year later saying that the Most Eligible Bachelorette, Mollie Demott, was engaged. Yes, ENGAGED. Here’s how it went down…

Demott, 28, born and raised in Clinton, SC, was jokingly known as “one date Mollie” to her friends. She has always casually dated guys, went on blind dates and tried a few online dating sites, but didn’t have anything come out of it in recent years.

Last year, her Integration Point co-worker and friend, London Snuggs, decided enough was enough. Snuggs had seen our Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette event promotions and entered Demott in the running.

But first, let’s take it back

Jason Rose, 32, a branch manager at Nicholas Financial, first met Demott through a mutual friend in 2015. They even went on two dates. Their first date was at Mac’s Speed Shop, (great choice, Rose), but unfortunately, the timing on both sides was just not right.

The two kept in touch but only ran into each other in large group settings.

C5’s Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette Event

Fast forward two years. Demott had been informed that she was a top 10 finalist in our contest. One of her friends even mentioned that she was a top contender to Rose. His response? “Oh, that’s cool.”

But he looked up all the details for our Most Eligible event.

Demott ended up winning the contest. You would have thought she had tons of numbers and dates lined up because hello, she was crowned CharlotteFive’s Most Eligible Bachelorette! But that didn’t really happen.

“I think it was pretty overwhelming for all parties involved at the event,” she said.

Terrence Pugh, C5’s Most Eligible Bachelor, and Mollie Demott, C5’s Most Eligible Bachelorette

Although Rose wasn’t one of the supporters at the event, he wanted to try dating her again. He thought he should pull the trigger before anyone else did.

“After she won, I was always trying to find things to do together with Mollie,” said Rose.

He even asked her to go Christmas shopping shortly after she won the Most Eligible event.

“I made sure to let him know that my calendar was getting pretty full because I was Charlotte’s most eligible bachelorette,” said Demott jokingly.

They went on their first second date (remember they briefly dated in 2015) to Alexander Michaels. (Again, Jason, great choice.) A few weeks later, things got real.

The two officially got together on New Year’s Day.

“Both of us were kind of done looking,” said Rose. “It just felt right this time.”

The proposal

On June 24, after five months of dating, Rose proposed.

“I’ve been in long-term relationships before and if you don’t think this person is right for you in three months, then you need to keep it moving,” said Rose. “In March, I knew I was done looking. I purchased the ring in May.”

So, how did he propose?

“I give him brownie points,” said Demott. “He made the day all about me.”

“I called it ‘Mollie day,'” said Rose. “We first went to Mac’s, where we had our first, first date. Then we went to The Mint Museum, because Mollie went to school for art and loves it. And then I cooked her dinner.”

Demott said she was told not to help with the scallops, risotto, crab cakes and wine dinner.

Before dessert, Rose told her he wanted to play a game.

Demott wasn’t suspicious at this point.

Rose told her to look inside her dog’s collar to read the first — and last — clue.

A slip of paper read, “Say yes, mother.”

Demott turned around to see Rose down on one knee. And she said “yes.”

What’s next

The engaged couple is set to wed Nov. 3, 2018, in Gastonia, NC.

Rose, you can thank us later for putting on the event.

Photos: Mollie Demott



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