In September SHARE Charlotte’s Spotlight Series focuses on local organizations providing care, funding, research, relief and are working toward a cure for many different kinds of cancers. Follow this discussion on social media: #CrushCancerCLT

Statistics surrounding cancer are overwhelming. This year the American Cancer Society predicts that 56,900 people in North Carolina will be diagnosed with cancer. Every hour two children are diagnosed with some form of pediatric cancer1. It is anticipated that 10,279 females in North Carolina will be diagnosed with and 1,428 females will die of breast cancer in 20172.

With so many different kinds of cancers and so many statistics, it is difficult to find a place to start, to contribute and to make a real impact.

In August, my son’s first grade teacher was diagnosed with colon cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. I did not know the best way to help, but knew I had to do something. A group of parents generously designed and sold a bracelet to support her (see featured photo). Proceeds are being donated to help provide meals for her family and some services like house cleaning. The bracelet cost $35 and I knew exactly how the money would be used.

There are organizations right here in Charlotte that will provide support for cancer patients for just $25. Skip the pizza one night and help someone with cancer.

For just $25 (or less), you can:

Cover the cost of basic lab work

Care Ring provides free, high-quality cancer treatment and follow-up care for uninsured, low-income patients through its Physicians Reach Out program and innovative partnership with the Levine Cancer Institute. A $25 donation will cover the cost of basic lab work in the clinic, to either detect abnormalities for early detection or as post-treatment follow up.

Provide a patient support kit

Lydia’s Legacy provides educational support kits to women undergoing treatment for gynecologic cancers. A $25 donation will cover the cost of one kit, which includes information about specific types of gynecologic cancers including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. It also includes resources for emotional, financial and legal support, along with travel toiletries that may be needed when treatment must take place far from home.

Support kit

Provide groceries and necessities for patients’ families

Hospitality House of Charlotte provides a place of rest and recharging for families of seriously ill loved ones by offering affordable accommodations in the heart of Charlotte’s medical community. Taking care of the those giving care and support means they are better able to be present for their loved ones. Shop the wish list here.

Purchase a blanket for a patient

Go Jen Go delivers cozy blankets to people currently undergoing cancer treatment in Charlotte. Go Jen Go wants to wrap everyone in the support of the Charlotte community and providing a blanket for $19.99 will help.

Sponsor one hour of pediatric cancer research

Did you know that pediatric cancer research only receives 4 percent of funding from the National Cancer Institute3? Grab five friends and sponsor one hour of pediatric cancer research ($114.16)! Every hour counts.

Photos courtesy of Addie Rising and Lydia’s Legacy.