24 Foundation: Charlotte’s Cancer Survivorship Champion [Partner]


Started by one man pedaling on a bike for 24 hours in order to inspire and engage the local community on issues dealing with cancer, the 24 Foundation has its roots in Charlotte, NC with its signature event on the Booty Loop of Myers Park. Having spread to Maryland and Indiana, the 24 Foundation offers premiere biking and walking events to raise funds for cancer navigation and survivorship. Navigation and survivorship programs include tai chi, yoga courses, and acupuncture as it pursues its mission of raising funds for the Levine Cancer Institute of the Carolina Healthcare System, the Hospitality House of Charlotte, Levine Children’s Hospital and other lifesaving organizations.

United by its pursuit of survivorship for all those affected by cancer, the 24 Foundation has raised more than $17 million. For those of us in the local community who desire to support the 24 Foundation on its mission, there are numerous ways to join up. For starters, you can volunteer at a 24 Hours of Booty event, which is a non-competitive and fun biking event for all ages. Alternatively, you can ride with the 24 Foundation’s cycling street team or even host your own fundraising event. The 24 Foundation regularly shares the fundraising events of its supporters on its community page.

Teaming up with the 24 Foundation is more than just volunteer service. It’s a chance for all of us to join with the vision of providing survivorship and immediate support to all those affected by cancer by making tangible impacts on the lives of community members and loved ones. For more information about how to join the movement, visit the 24 Foundation’s website here.



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