Sure, it feels mysteriously like fall in Charlotte right now, but don’t forget to keep your sense of summer fun. Here are the 10 things you MUST do around Charlotte in August.

(1) BYOC to Joedance Film Festival

BYOC (bring your own chair) to the eighth annual festival Aug. 4-5 featuring a lineup of 17 local films spaced across two nights. The proceeds from the festival benefit Carolinas HealthCare System’s Levine Children’s Hospital in honor of the late Joe Restaino. Enjoy films, a Q&A with the filmmakers, a cash bar and hot dogs. Admission is $25 for each night and tickets can be bought here. 7:30 p.m. doors open, 8 p.m. films begin.

Tenth Street Townhomes, 308 West 10th St.

Learn more about the festival via the CharlotteFive Podcast.

(2) Get pumped for Panthers season with Fan Fest

Join Fan Fest Aug. 4 to see the Carolina Panthers make their first appearance of the 2017 season at Bank of America Stadium. The gates will open at 6 p.m. with performances by the TopCats, Sir Purr, PurrCussion and Black & Blue Crew. Practice begins at 7:30 p.m. Stick around for fireworks and a laser show, too. $5 admission for a reserved ticket (get them here). Proceeds will benefit Carolina Panthers Charities.

Bank of America Stadium, 800 S Mint St.

(3) Sip at the Friends and Beerfest in honor of National IPA Day


Legion Brewing’s 2nd Annual Friends and Beerfest: IPA Edition on Aug. 5 will feature IPA samples from more than 25 Charlotte-area breweries. Roots Catering will provide the food and Two Scoops Creamery will provide the sweet treats, both available for purchase. Don’t miss the live music by The Goodnight Brothers and The Bloodworth Project, either. Get your tickets here. $15 per person. A portion of proceeds will support Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation. 4-8p.m.

Legion Brewing Company, 1906 Commonwealth Ave.

(4) Catch The Major Rager at Symphony Park

This rock show, with a golf-centric concert brand, comes to Charlotte Aug. 10 and features Umphrey’s McGee with Moon Taxi. The show will benefit the Charlotte Symphony during the PGA Golf Championship Week. Hosted by Friends With Benefits Productions and Jonathan Swope Productions, the event will include product vendors and food and drink vendors. $30 general admission. Get tickets here. 5-11 p.m.

Symphony Park, 4400 Sharon Road

(5) Eat free food at the 50th anniversary celebration of Mr. K’s

Mr. K’s Soft Ice Cream in South End will celebrate 50 years in Charlotte’s food industry Aug. 13 by giving away 1,500 orders of its original four menu items: hot dogs, potato chips, sodas and ice cream cones. Your order is free with a donation of $5 or more to Levine Children’s Hospital and the Isabella Santos Foundation.  

Mr K’s, 2107 South Blvd.

(6) Strap on a pair of heels to Walk a Mile in Her Shoes


Join other walkers in this international men’s march to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence. Both men and women have an opportunity to raise awareness about the effects of men’s sexualized violence against women while raising funds for Safe Alliance. Safe Alliance is a nonprofit that offers hope and healing for those in crisis, with programs including safety planning for survivors of domestic violence and 24-hour sexual assault/rape and domestic violence crisis lines.

Register to walk one mile in heels here. $25 for men, $10 for women. Aug. 19, registration begins at 8 a.m., walk begins at 9 a.m., awards and after-party begin at 11 a.m.

NoDa Brewing Company, 2921 N Tryon St.

(7) Set your sights on the solar eclipse

While Charlotte won’t be in the path of the total eclipse Aug. 21, Uptown Charlotte viewers will see 97.9 percent of the sun covered by the moon, peaking at 2:41 p.m. If you’re skipping town (and work), you can still catch the total eclipse in nearby cities like Columbia, SC, and Charleston, SC.

Bonus: Lowe’s has quite the selection of protective eyewear for the big event.

(8) Slow down and listen to Sounds on the Square

This is the last month of the summer to catch the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center’s Sounds on the Square events Aug. 4, 11, 18 and 25. These free Friday night concerts feature different performers and different musical styles each week, from hip-hop, to country rock, to jazz. 7 p.m.

Spirit Square, 345 N. College St.

(9) God Save the Queen City

Catch local and national talent at this year’s two-day festival Aug. 25-26. Some new bands will be making their debut and there will be a God Save The Queen City Beer Release leading up to the event, with live music hosted by beer collaborators at Heist Brewery, Free Range Brewing & Salud Cervecería Aug.18-19.

Past performers include Dean Ween Group, St. Paul and The Broken Bones, Diarrhea Planet and Black Pistol Fire. Tickets for the main event Aug. 25-26 are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., show starts 7:30 p.m.

Neighborhood Theatre, 511 East 36th St.

(10) Show your pride at the 2017 Charlotte Pride Festival & Parade

The Queen City’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) Pride event is one big party that will sweep the streets of Uptown Aug. 26-27. The festival and parade are both free to attend. Events are going on Aug. 26, noon-10 p.m. and Aug. 27, noon-6 p.m., with the parade taking place Aug. 27, 1-3 p.m.

Bonus: Tickets are still available to the PGA Championship practice rounds

In case you snagged tickets to the PGA Championship Aug. 7-13your fan guide awaits. And if you didn’t, don’t forget: Monday and Tuesday practice round tickets are still available.

Photos: Joedance Film Festival, Michael Ainsworth/AP, Brittany Smith/Legion Brewing, Black Wednesday Social Co., Mr. K’s, Katie Toussaint


    • It is listed but my guess is that it’s because the PGA Championship has been sold out for months so it’s impossible to “plan for” now

  1. Yep, won’t be attending the so called ‘Pride’ event. I’ve been every year but this will be my first time staying away. The people running this thing have now become the exact thing they have always marched and stood against: They have chosen to not allow other fellow gay citizens participate in Pride parade because they support President Trump. Yes, the President of the United States!
    As someone who is gay, it is absolutely appalling to me that an organization that’s supposed to stand for and represent acceptance, can’t accept an opinion that happens to differ from theirs. Going to the extent of blocking them from the right to enter the parade because of their political stance, despite the fact that they are also part of the Charlotte gay community, is downright disgusting. Gay people who organize and make tons of money off an event each year decide that other gay people are somehow ‘not the same’ or not equal in some way because they are Republicans and not die hard liberal Democrats. These same Democrat organizers would raise living Hell if they were to be denied entry into an event, much less their own city’s gay pride parade. What happened here is sickening, and it’s flat out unacceptable. Don’t fund and promote ‘Charlotte Pride’. It’s turned out to be nothing to be Proud about!

    • Please go.

      Even though I agree that the group organizing the parade and event made the wrong decision, you’re not going to hail them.

      You’re going to hail your LGBTQ family, all of us.

      • No idea what you are trying to say, but the original poster above is doing what they feel is right. I have to agree since the facts here are obvious and clear. They don’t want to support or participate in something led by a group of hypocrites who put different rules and limits on others that they don’t happen to agree with. Interesting, since this is exactly what the Pride even is about and everyone there is marching against, yet they themselves are guilty as charged of the same exact thing.

      • Who said it was? Being all inclusive doesn’t give it that name. Don’t be a hypocrite, on top of being a sore loser.

    • Personally, I support their decision. They have a responsibility that goes beyond just being accepting of everyone and accepting the opinions of others….ensuring a peaceful & safe event as best they can for everyone to come together and celebrate pride in Charlotte. I support our country, but I do not stand behind the person that is representing us. You have to know he’s not very popular right now even with the general population, but especially with the majority of our community. Personally, I don’t think this event is the place for anyone supporting him. It would not be peaceful. You have to be smart enough to see that.
      I will be attending. My church will be represented for the first time and I’m extremely proud of that…and I want to be there to support all the other organizations and companies that have chosen to gather in peace to celebrate LGBTQ Pride.
      So get your head out of your a** and stop trying to turn this into something it’s not. Either you support this community and the reason for this event or you don’t.

      • I think it’s you have have your pompous head in your A**! What a backwards view you have. Your church should be ashamed.

      • Mark: No, that is not their responsibility. Being all-inclusive to all gay people should be their mission, which is what the whole damned event is about in the first place. It would be the job of CMPD to ensure things stay orderly and peaceful. Get your facts straight, since your political bigotry is showing badly.

        For what it’s worth, no one cares that you don’t support the President. While many like you don’t, there are just as many that do, and it’s obvious that there are many of them that are gay, and live right here! To say the President is not very popular only reflects your limited knowledge of your CNN and MSNBC world. Those are the same people who thought Hillary couldn’t possibly lose because their polls only reflected a certain group of people, just like their viewership. No different here. The President is not unpopular with millions of Americans who don’t take those polls or watch those stations. You may be surprised just how uninformed you really are. You know, kind of like the shock back in November when you had the facts wrong as well.

        If a float for gay Republicans causes a problem and anything ‘non-peaceful’, it would be because of the attendees that are the sore losers who can’t accept a differing opinion. That’s the pathetic truth. Hopefully you are smart enough to see that.

        Now, maybe it’s high time you get back to the church you supposedly are representing because it sounds like you need to pray more. Pray for acceptance of others, respect of differing opinions, and ask for forgiveness for have such a nasty mouth here on this forum by telling people to get their heads out of their a**. How church like of you.

        Finally, the community is supported, but it doesn’t sound like a lot in the community is willing to do the same for others.

  2. More like 10 things to keep you from drinking your self to death or killing yourself until you can the hell out of banktown