Make your carbs count—try these 10 popular sandwiches in Charlotte

Photo by Jennings Cool
The Alabama Grinder at Common Market

Sandwich making is truly an art form. Peanut butter and jellies are great and all, but there is something special about taking a bite of a sandwich that leaves you speechless or wondering how food smashed between two pieces of bread could be so perfect. 

Will it be a croissant, ciabatta, white, wheat or hoagie? The options seem to be endless. Bread can truly make-or-break a sandwich, and true sandwich craftspeople know exactly how important their selection is. Anyone can slap some deli meat and vegetables together, but an amazing sandwich is treated like construction: It must be fundamentally sound and thoughtfully layered for best results. 

There are too many amazing sandwiches crafted and sold in Charlotte to list out; however, below is a list of 10 popular hand-helds for all the sandwich-lovers out there.

(1) Common Market

2007 Commonwealth Ave.; 235 W. Tremont St.; 4420A Monroe Rd.

Photo by Jennings Cool
The Alabama Grinder at Common Market

Sandwich: Alabama Grinder
Cost: $8

The Alabama Grinder is currently sold as a special at Common Market but will soon be making its way to its new menu, hopefully rolling out next month. This sandwich is no joke and can pretty much serve as two separate meals (or just one if you are feeling ambitious). It is made with brined grilled chicken, smoked tomato jam, cabbage, pickles, pepper jack cheese and Alabama white sauce on a warmed Duke’s hoagie.

Pro-tip: Keep an eye on Common Market’s four Instagram pages for daily specials at each location.

(2) Great Harvest

901 S. Kings Dr.; 6420 Rea Rd.; 1824 East Arbors Dr., #390; 110 Matthews Station St., Matthews; 19901 S. Main St., Cornelius

Courtesy of Great Harvest
Queen City Favorite

Sandwich: Queen City Favorite
Cost: $6.25 whole / $3.95 half

All sandwiches start with bread, and Great Harvest bakes its bread from scratch using the purest ingredients. Their meats, cheeses and veggies are sliced fresh every day. One of their crowd-pleasing sandwiches is the Queen City Favorite, which has all the goods and is truly a Queen City favorite. It is piled high with smoked turkey, sweet wasabi mustard, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and avocado spread. 

(3) Lincoln’s Haberdashery

1300 South Blvd., Suite S

Photo by Jennings Cool
El Wapo Gallo Blanco at Lincoln’s Haberdashery

Sandwich: El Wapo Gallo Blanco
Cost: $9.75

Lincoln’s Haberdashery is an urban style market that serves unique offerings, including sandwiches. Warning: the El Wapo Gallo Blanco is way bigger than it appears. This spicy sandwich beast is made with poached chicken salad, sriracha, pickled jalapeno, bacon, cucumber and a handful of cilantro.

(4) NoDa Bodega

1200 E. 36th St

Sandwich: Tuna Melt
Cost: $7

NoDa Bodega is located in the heart of the NoDa arts and entertainment district and is known for having some of the best sandwiches in the neighborhood. Its take on a classic tuna melt consists of Bodega tuna salad, aged cheddar, tomato and sprouts all pressed between a ciabatta roll. 

(5) Papi Queso

115 N. Brevard St., Optimist Hall

Sandwich: Pig Mac
Cost: $9.50

Courtesy of Papi Queso
The Pig Mac

What started as a food truck now has a stall in NoDa’s Optimist Hall. Papi Queso puts unique spins on the traditional grilled cheese. One of its most popular menu items, the Pig Mac, tips its hat to Carolina southern cooking. It is made with heritage pulled pork, southern mac n’ cheese, bourbon onions and sharp cheddar. Barbecue and mac n’ cheese? Talk about the best of both worlds.

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(6) Rhino Market & Deli

1500 W. Morehead St., #E; 420 Church St.

Sandwich: Chaud Legumes
Cost: $7.99

Rhino Market & Deli has an incredible atmosphere and the ultimate veggie sandwich. The Chaud Legumes is stacked fresh with grilled portobello, grilled zucchini, caramelized onion, grilled red pepper, mozzarella, arugula and garlic aioli, all on ciabatta. 

(7) Rusty’s Deli

8512 Park Rd.

Sandwich: Rusty’s Reuben
Cost: $7.59

Photo by Jennings Cool
The Rusty’s Reuben at Rusty’s Deli

Rusty’s is a classic sandwich shop that has been serving the South Charlotte area since 1983. With many classics to choose from, the Rusty’s Reuben is an all-time favorite among regulars. It is served with your choice of either corned beef, pastrami or turkey and prepared on the grill. It is then topped with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and your choice of spicy mustard or 1000 Island dressing.

(8) Sandwich Max

1941 E. 7th St

Sandwich: Max’s Out Sandwich
Cost: $6.25 for 6” / $10.50 for 12”

Sandwich Max is a locally owned and operated salad and sandwich shop that has been serving customers in the Elizabeth neighborhood for 25 years. A fan favorite there is the Max’d Out Sandwich, which is indeed maxed out with all the meat. It is prepared fresh with ham, turkey, capicola, bologna, pepperoni and salami — it’s a meat-lovers dream. 

(9) The Loyalist Market

435 N. Trade St., #102

Sandwich: Americano
Cost: $11

Photo by Jennings Cool
The Americano at The Loyalist Market

Known for its cheeses and charcuterie boards, The Loyalist Market only uses antibiotic-free meats, artisanal cheeses and locally baked bread for its sandwiches. The Americano is served on ciabatta bread and is layered with prosciutto di parma, UAV fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, basil and drizzled with olive oil and balsamic. 

(10) The Mayobird

Sandwich: The Loaded
Cost: $7.25

Courtesy of The Mayobird
The Loaded, featuring bacon, cheddar, chives and sour cream

The Mayobird doesn’t mess around when it comes to chicken salad. But really, who knew chicken salad could come in such a wide variety of flavors? Whether you go Big Bird style (curry), Harvest style (apples, grapes and pecans) or good ‘ole original, The Mayobird has just about every flavor of chicken salad imaginable for your sandwich creation.


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